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Beckett, Samuel: Malacoda

Portre of Beckett, Samuel

Malacoda (English)

thrice he cam

the undertaker's man

impassable behind his scrutal bowler

to measure

is he not paid to measure

this incorruptible in the vestibule

this malebranca knee deep in the lilies

Malacoda knee-deep in the lilies

Malacoda for all the expert awe

that felts his perineum mutes his signal

sighing up through the heavy air

must it be it must be it must be

find the weeds engage them in the garden

hear she may see she need not


to coffin

with assistant ungulata

find the weeds engage their attention

hear she must see she need not


to cover

to be sure cover cover all over

your targe allow me hold your sulphur

divine dogday glass set fair


stay Scarmilion stay stay

lay this Huysum on the box

mind the imago it is he

hear she must see she must

all aboard all souls

half-mast aye aye



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