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The page of Végh György, Hungarian Translations from English

Végh György


A Csendes-óceáni kapu (Hungarian) ⇐ Birney, Earle :: Pacific Door (English)
A dohányról (Hungarian) ⇐ Hume, Tobias :: Tobacco, tobacco (English) [video]
A Greenwichi csillagvizsgáló (Hungarian) ⇐ Keyes, Sidney :: Greenwich observatory (English)
A halál hajója (Hungarian) ⇐ Lawrence, D. H. :: The Ship of Death (English)
A kamasz és a felnőtt allegóriája (Hungarian) ⇐ Barker, George :: Allegory of the Adolescent and the Adult (English)
A maldive-i cápa (Hungarian) ⇐ Melville, Herman :: The Maldive Shark (English)
A malverni dombok (Hungarian) ⇐ Melville, Herman :: Malvern Hill (English)
A Művészet (Hungarian) ⇐ Melville, Herman :: Art (English)
A Piccadillyn (Hungarian) ⇐ Pinto, Vivian De Sola :: At Piccadilly Circus (English)
A Spoon River-i holtak - A domboldal (Hungarian) ⇐ Masters, Edgar Lee :: Spoon River Anthology - The Hill (English)
A Spoon River-i holtak - Elsa Wertman (Hungarian) ⇐ Masters, Edgar Lee :: Spoon River Anthology - Elsa Wertman (English)
A Spoon River-i holtak - Hamilton Greene (Hungarian) ⇐ Masters, Edgar Lee :: Spoon River Anthology - Hamilton Greene (English)
A Spoon River-i holtak - Lucinda Matlock (Hungarian) ⇐ Masters, Edgar Lee :: Spoon River Anthology - Lucinda Matlock (English)
A teremtésről (Hungarian) ⇐ Johnson, James Weldon :: The Creation (English) [video]
A vak utcai árus (Hungarian) ⇐ Sitwell, Osbert :: The Blind Pedlar (English)
Az expressz (Hungarian) ⇐ Spender, Stephen :: The express (English)
Csöndek (Hungarian) ⇐ Masters, Edgar Lee :: Silence (English)
Fülek hallják fenn a toronyban (Hungarian) ⇐ Thomas, Dylan :: Ears in the Turrets Hear (English)
Gyászének siratja az új virradatot* (Hungarian) ⇐ Sitwell, Edith :: Dirge for the New Sunrise (English)
Hajnali dal (Hungarian) ⇐ Sitwell, Edith :: Aubade (English)
Halotti ének Sidneyről (Hungarian) ⇐ Byrd, William :: Come to me grief for ever (English) [video]
Húsz éves… (Hungarian) ⇐ Bateson, Thomas :: Madrigal CCXLVI (English)
Isabel kalandjai (Hungarian) ⇐ Nash, Ogden :: Adventures Of Isabel (English) [video]
John Whiteside kislányát siratja (Hungarian) ⇐ Ransom, John Crowe :: Bells for John Whiteside’s Daughter (English)
Kiábrándulás, este tízkor (Hungarian) ⇐ Stevens, Wallace :: Disillusionment of Ten O'Clock (English)
London város tiszteletére (Hungarian) ⇐ Dunbar, William :: In Honour of the City of London (English)
Nantucket (Hungarian) ⇐ Williams, William Carlos :: Nantucket (English)
Nemzedékem bármelyik tagjának (Hungarian) ⇐ Barker, George :: To Any Member Of My Generation (English)
Non sum qualis eram bonae sub regno Cynarae (Hungarian) ⇐ Dowson, Ernest :: Non sum qualis eram bonae sub regno Cynarae (English)
Ó álmok, ó célok (9) (Hungarian) ⇐ Day Lewis, Cecil :: O Dreams, O Destinations (9) (English)
Óda a polgárháború halottaihoz (Hungarian) ⇐ Tate, Allen :: Ode to the Confederate Dead (English)
Peter Quince a zongoránál* (Hungarian) ⇐ Stevens, Wallace :: Peter Quince at the Clavier* (English)
Rio Grande (Hungarian) ⇐ Sitwell, Sacheverell :: Rio Grande (English)
Románc (Hungarian) ⇐ Turner, W. J. :: Romance (English)
Shiloh (Hungarian) ⇐ Melville, Herman :: Shiloh (English)
Spleen (Hungarian) ⇐ Dowson, Ernest :: Spleen (English)
Szökőkutak (Hungarian) ⇐ Sitwell, Sacheverell :: Fountains (English)
Tavasz és minden (Hungarian) ⇐ Williams, William Carlos :: Spring And All (English)
Újszülött teknősbéka (Hungarian) ⇐ Lawrence, D. H. :: Baby tortoise (English)
Utcai dal (Hungarian) ⇐ Sitwell, Edith :: Street song (English)
Volt idő (Hungarian) ⇐ Thomas, Dylan :: Was there a time (English)
William Wordsworth (Hungarian) ⇐ Keyes, Sidney :: William Wordsworth (English)
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