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The page of Hedley, Leslie Woolf, English biography

Image of Hedley, Leslie Woolf
Hedley, Leslie Woolf


Leslie Woolf Hedley (New Jersey on March 23, 1921 - July 29, 2013 Santa Rosa, CA.) was an accomplished author, writer and poet. He was a World War II Army Veteran, He had 14 books published, along with many articles. He was the recipient of the Poor Richard's Award plus others.

Books: Contemporary American Satire, Death of a world, Motions & notions, Problems in American Culture, The Day Japan Bombed Pearl Harbor & Other Stories, Confessions, On my way to the cemetery, XYZ & other stories, Art & politics, & More Stories & More Stories, Fiction 83, Selected poems, 1946-1953, Abraxas & other poems, Alphabet soup

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