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The page of Pound, Ezra, English Works

Image of Pound, Ezra
Pound, Ezra
(Ezra Weston Loomis Pound)


A girl (Hungarian)
A Pact (Spanish, Hungarian)
A Virginal (Hungarian)
Alba (Spanish, Hungarian)
An Immorality (Hungarian)
Ancient Music (Hungarian)
And the days are not full enough (Spanish, Hungarian)
Apparuit (Hungarian)
Ballad of the Goodly Fere (Hungarian)
Blandula tenula vagula (Spanish)
Canto I (Hungarian)
Canto II [video] (Hungarian)
Canto III (Hungarian)
Canto IV (Hungarian)
Canto IX (Hungarian)
Canto X (Hungarian)
Canto XIII (Hungarian)
Canto XIV (Hungarian)
Canto XVI (Hungarian)
Canto XVII (Hungarian)
Canto XX (Hungarian)
Canto XXI (Hungarian)
Canto XXX (Hungarian, Italian)
Canto XXXVI (Hungarian)
Canto XXXIX (Hungarian)
Canto XLV [video] (Spanish, Hungarian)
Canto XLVII (Hungarian)
Canto XLIX (Hungarian)
Canto CXV (Hungarian)
Canto CXVI (Hungarian)
Canto CXX (Spanish, Hungarian)
Coda (Hungarian)
Dance Figure (Hungarian)
∆ὡpia [video] (Croatian, Hungarian)
Epilogue (Spanish)
Epitaphs (Hungarian)
Erat hora (Spanish, Hungarian)
Francesca (Spanish, Hungarian)
Gnomic Verses (Spanish, Hungarian)
Hugh Selwyn Mauberley (Hungarian)
In a Station of the Metro [video] (Spanish, Hungarian)
Ione, Dead the Long Year (Hungarian)
L'Art, 1910 (Spanish, Hungarian)
Liu Ch'e (Hungarian)
Meditatio (Spanish, Hungarian)
O Atthis (Spanish, Hungarian)
Pan Is Dead (Hungarian)
Papyrus (Hungarian)
Piccadilly (Hungarian)
Portrait d’une femme (Spanish, Hungarian)
Salutation (Hungarian)
The Coming of War: Actæon (Hungarian)
The Encounter (Spanish, Hungarian)
The Garden (Spanish, Hungarian)
The Lake Isle (Hungarian)
The Picture (Spanish, Hungarian)
The study in aesthetics (Spanish, Hungarian)
The Tea Shop (Spanish, Hungarian)
The tree (Hungarian)
Tò Kalón (Spanish, Hungarian)
Ts’ai Chi’h (Hungarian)
Under Ben Bulben (Hungarian)

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