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The page of Nagy László, Translations from English

Image of Nagy László
Nagy László


A Fehér Óriás tagján (Hungarian) ⇐ Thomas, Dylan :: In the White Giant's Thigh (English) [video]
A galway-i lóversenyen (Hungarian) ⇐ Yeats, William Butler :: At Galway races (English)
A jó sör, ó… (Hungarian) ⇐ Burns, Robert :: Gude Ale Keeps The Heart Aboon (English)
A két fa (Hungarian) ⇐ Yeats, William Butler :: The two trees (English) [video]
A két nővér (Hungarian) ⇐ English and Scottish Folk Ballads :: The Twa Sisters (English)
A kétségbeesett férj balladája (Hungarian) ⇐ Creeley, Robert :: Ballad of the Despairing Husband (English) [video]
A nyugati szél (Hungarian) ⇐ Masefield, John :: The West Wind (English)
A Sir John-hegy fölött (Hungarian) ⇐ Thomas, Dylan :: Over Sir John's Hill (English) [video]
Coole vadhattyúi (Hungarian) ⇐ Yeats, William Butler :: The Wild Swans At Coole (English) [video]
Csavargó (Hungarian) ⇐ Masefield, John :: Vagabond (English)
Csöndben ne lépj az éjszakába át (Hungarian) ⇐ Thomas, Dylan :: Do not go gentle into that good night (English) [video]
E kenyér (Hungarian) ⇐ Thomas, Dylan :: This Bread I Break (English)
James Deanért (Hungarian) ⇐ O'Hara, Frank :: For James Dean (English)
Jégmadarak (Hungarian) ⇐ Olson, Charles :: The Kingfishers (English)
Maximus dalai 1. (Hungarian) ⇐ Olson, Charles :: Songs Of Maximus 1. (English)
Maximus dalai 2. (Hungarian) ⇐ Olson, Charles :: Songs Of Maximus 2. (English)
Maximus Glouchester városához, 27. levél (elküldetlen) (Hungarian) ⇐ Olson, Charles :: Maximus to Gloucester, Letter 27 [withheld] (English) [video]
Még nem zörgettem (Hungarian) ⇐ Thomas, Dylan :: Before I Knocked (English) [video]
Óda az örömhöz (Hungarian) ⇐ O'Hara, Frank :: Ode to Joy (English) [video]
Páfránydomb (Hungarian) ⇐ Thomas, Dylan :: Fern Hill (English) [video]
Paranoia Krétában (Hungarian) ⇐ Corso, Gregory :: Paranoia in Crete (English)
Pompás öreg sör (Hungarian) ⇐ Stevenson, William :: Jolly Good Ale and Old (English)
Sírfelirat (Hungarian) ⇐ Davies, William Henry :: An Epitaph (English)
Stratton kapitány ábrándja (Hungarian) ⇐ Masefield, John :: Captain Stratton’s Fancy (English) [video]
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