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The page of Heaney, Seamus, English Works

Image of Heaney, Seamus
Heaney, Seamus


A Call (Hungarian)
A Dog Was Crying Tonight in Wicklow Also (Hungarian)
A Kite for Michael and Christopher (Hungarian)
A Sofa in the Forties (Hungarian)
A Stove Lid for W.H. Auden (Hungarian)
Alphabets (Hungarian)
Blackberry-picking [video] (Hungarian)
Bog Oak (Hungarian)
Bogland (Hungarian)
Clearances (Hungarian)
Cow in Calf (Hungarian)
Death of a Naturalist [video] (Spanish, Hungarian)
Digging (Hungarian)
Electric Light (Hungarian)
Elegy for a Still-born Child (Hungarian)
From the Republic of Conscience (Hungarian)
Gifts of Rain (Hungarian)
Glanmore Sonnets VI (Hungarian)
Glanmore Sonnets I (Hungarian)
Glanmore Sonnets II (Hungarian)
Glanmore Sonnets III (Hungarian)
Glanmore Sonnets IV (Hungarian)
Glanmore Sonnets V (Hungarian)
Glanmore Sonnets VII (Hungarian)
Glanmore Sonnets VIII (Hungarian)
Glanmore Sonnets IX (Hungarian)
Glanmore Sonnets X (Hungarian)
Herbal (Hungarian)
Keeping Going (Hungarian)
Loughanure (Hungarian)
Montana (Hungarian)
Mossbawn I. Sunlight (Hungarian)
Mossbawn II. The Seed Cutters (Hungarian)
Personal Helicon (Hungarian)
Postscript [video] (Hungarian)
Punishment [video] (Hungarian)
Quitting Time (Hungarian)
Requiem for the Croppies [video] (Hungarian)
Saint Francis and the Birds (Hungarian)
Sandstone Keepsake (Hungarian)
Seeing Things (Hungarian)
Shore Woman (Hungarian)
Song (Hungarian)
St Kevin and the Blackbird [video] (Hungarian)
Stern (Hungarian)
Strange Fruit (Hungarian)
Summer Home (Hungarian)
Sweeney’s Last Poem (Hungarian)
The Blackbird of Glanmore (Hungarian)
The Bog Queen (Hungarian)
The Diviner (Hungarian)
The First Kingdom (Hungarian)
The Grauballe Man (Hungarian)
The Harvest Bow (Hungarian)
The Haw Lantern (Hungarian)
The Journey Back (Hungarian)
The Mud Vision (Hungarian)
The Mycenae Lookout (Hungarian)
The Other Side (Hungarian)
The Outlaw (Hungarian)
The Railway Children [video] (Hungarian)
The Rain Stick (Hungarian)
The Strand at Lough Beg (Hungarian)
The Tollund Man [video] (Hungarian)
The Walk (Hungarian)
Tollund (Hungarian)
Toomebridge (Hungarian)
Twice Shy (Hungarian)
Whinlands (Hungarian)
Widgeon (Hungarian)

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