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The page of Hardy, Thomas, English Works

Image of Hardy, Thomas
Hardy, Thomas


1967 (Hungarian)
A Light Snow-Fall after Frost (Hungarian)
According to the Mighty Working (Hungarian)
Afterwards [video] (Hungarian)
And there was a great calm (Hungarian)
At a Country Fair (Hungarian)
At a Hasty Wedding (Hungarian)
At a Lunar Eclipse [video] (Hungarian)
At Castle Boterel (Hungarian)
At Tea (Hungarian)
At the Draper's (Hungarian)
Birds at Winter Nightfall (Hungarian)
By Her Aunt's Grave (Hungarian)
Drummer Hodge (Hungarian)
During Wind and Rain [video] (Hungarian)
God's funeral (Hungarian)
Going and Staying (Hungarian)
Hap (Hungarian)
He Wonders About Himself (Hungarian)
I look into my glass (Hungarian)
In Tenebris – II (detail) (Hungarian)
In the Restaurant (Hungarian)
In the Room of the Bride-Elect (Hungarian)
In Time of „The Breaking of the Nations” (Hungarian)
John and Jane (French, Hungarian)
Just The Same (Hungarian)
Mad Judy [video] (Hungarian)
Outside the Window (Hungarian)
Over the Coffin (Hungarian)
Proud Songster (Hungarian)
Rome: The Vatican - Sala Delle Muse (1887) (Hungarian)
Shelley's Skylark (Hungarian)
Snow in the Suburbs [video] (Hungarian)
The Convergence Of The Twain (Hungarian)
The Difference (Hungarian)
The Division (Hungarian)
The Dream-Follower (Hungarian)
The Garden Seat [video] (Hungarian)
The Last Chrysanthemum (Hungarian)
The Selfsame Song (Hungarian)
The Sigh (Hungarian)
The Tree And The Lady (Hungarian)
The Voice (Hungarian)
The Year’s Awakening (Hungarian)
The Young Glass-Stainer (Hungarian)
We are getting to the end (Hungarian)
Weathers (Hungarian)
Your Last Drive (Hungarian)

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