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Morgenstern, Christian: Das große Lalula

Portre of Morgenstern, Christian

Das große Lalula (German)

Kroklokwafzi? Semmememmi!

Seiokrontro - prafriplo:

Bifzi, bafzi; hulalemmi:

quasti basti bo...

Lalu lalu lalu lalu la!


Hontraruru miromente

zasku zes rü rü?

Entepente, leiolente

klekwapufzi lü?

Lalu lalu lalu lala la!


Simarar kos malzipempu

silzuzankunkrei (;)!

Marjomar dos: Quempu Lempu

Siri Suri Sei []!

Lalu lalu lalu lalu la!

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