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The page of Székely Magda, English biography

Image of Székely Magda
Székely Magda


1936 (28th July) born in Budapest

1959 graduates in Hungarian and Bulgarian Language and Literature from Budapest University

1959–69 reader at Magvető Publishers

1969–90 reader at Európa Publishers

1992-present Assistant Editor-in-Chief for the periodical C.E.T. (Central European Time)


Her prizes include:

Graves Prize (1973), Milán Füst Award (1977), Attila József Prize (1984), Tibor Déry Award (1997), C.E.T. Literary Prize (1998), János Arany Prize (2000), First Prize at Salvatore Quasimodo Competition (2002), Kossuth Prize (2005)




The work of Magda Székely (1936-2007), the Kossuth Prize winning poet, is at last gaining robust worldwide exposure. The Attila József Literary Circle (JAK), an international association of writers based in Budapest, is about to hold a conference on Székely’s output. Her following five pieces will also appear in Survivors, an anthology of Hungarian Holocaust poetry in Thomas Ország-Land’s English translation, to be published by Smokestack Books in England on June 1. The book will also include translations from the Hungarian of Dán Dalmát, Tamás Emőd, György Faludy, Eszter Forrai, Ágnes Gergely, Jenő Heltai, Frigyes Karinthy, Éva Láng, András Mezei, Miklós Radnóti, Hanna Szenes, Ernő Szép, Vera Szöllős, György Timár, Judit Tóth and István Vas, as well as Ország-Land’s own poetry written originally in English. 

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