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The page of Taufer, Veno, English biography

Image of Taufer, Veno
Taufer, Veno


Poet, essayist, translator with M. A. in comparative literature from the University of Ljubljana. Editor of the literary magazine Review 57 (Revija 57) until it was banned in 1959, Taufer was member of Perspektive group (1960 - 64) and also a manager of the experimental theatre group Oder 57. For many years he worked as a journalist (BBC-London, Ljubljana) before founding and directing the International Literary Festival Vilenica in the early 80's which was then in the communist governed Slovenia understood as an important part of the engagement for the democratization as well as in the case of Taufer's Committee for Freedom of Speech and Writing, the first "unofficial" public body of Civil society, he in 1985 initiated in Slovenian Writers' Association. In 1989 Taufer was co-founder of the first Slovenian democratic party and co-author of the 1989 May Declaration , the basic document of the pluralistic democracy in Slovenia and of its independence.

Taufer has published 15 poetry collections of which the first one, Leaden Stars, in 1958 (1989) had to come out as a "samizdat".  His poetry books which followed:  A Prisoner of Freedom, 1963; Exercises and Homework, 1969; Data, 1972; Adventures, 1973; A Song-book of Used Words , 1975; Straightening nails and Other Poems, 1979; Sonnets, 1979; Poems, 1980; Terzae-rimae for a Bruised Trumpet, 1985; Waterlings, 1986; shreds poems , 1989; Ebb and Flow of Silence, 1994; Odes, 1996.; Flakes, 2000; (za: Flakes, 2000;) Beseechings, 2003; there were published, as well, two books of his plays; three books of essays, mostly writings on theatre, and two booklets of poems for children.

He is author of plays (Prometheus or The Dark in the Pupil of the Sun, 1968, and Odysseus & Son or World and Home, 1989, staged it received numerous awards at the international theatre festivals in Grenoble, Milano, Mexico City, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Baden-Baden ect.) and books of essays, as well as numerous theatre reviews.

He has published more than 40 books of translations, mostly of modern Macedonian, Serbian, Croath poets and among his translations from English poetry his books of G.M. Hopkins, W. B. Yeats, T.S.Eliot, E. Pound, Wallace Stevens and Ted Hughes were met with high acclaim.


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