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The page of Lasker-Schüler, Else, Works translated to English

Image of Lasker-Schüler, Else
Lasker-Schüler, Else


Abel {Demeestère-Litman, Jeanette} (Abel)
Abel {Bachlund, Gary} (Abel)
An Old Tibetan Carpet {Canan, Janine} (Ein alter Tibetteppich [video] [audio])
But Your Brows Are Storms {Beilharz, Johannes} (Aber deine Brauen sind Unwetter)
Can you see me {Beilharz, Johannes} (Siehst du mich)
Chronica {Demeestère-Litman, Jeanette} (Chronica)
End of the world {Schwab, Janine Marie} (Weltende [video])
Eros {Schwab, Janine Marie} (Eros)
Exhausted, my heart rests {Canan, Janine} (Mein Herz ruht müde)
Farewell {anonim} (Abschied (3))
Good-Bye {Beilharz, Johannes} (Abschied (3))
Homesick {Canan, Janine} (Heimweh)
Homesickness {Demeestère-Litman, Jeanette} (Heimweh)
I am Sad {Canan, Janine} (Ich bin traurig)
I dream so quietly of you {Bachlund, Gary} (Ich träume so leise von Dir [video])
I Hide Myself behind Trees {Beilharz, Johannes} (Hinter Bäumen berg ich mich)
I know {Schwab, Janine Marie} (Ich weiß [audio])
I love you {Canan, Janine} (Ich liebe dich [video])
In the Evening {Boland, Eavan} (Abends)
Listen {Beilharz, Johannes} (Höre!)
Mother {Schwab, Janine Marie} (Mutter)
My Blue Piano {Canan, Janine} (Mein blaues Klavier [video] [audio])
My Blue Piano {Demeestère-Litman, Jeanette} (Mein blaues Klavier [video] [audio])
My Drama {Demeestère-Litman, Jeanette} (Mein Drama [video])
My Mother (On my table) {Boland, Eavan} (Meine Mutter (Es brennt die Kerze))
My people {Schwab, Janine Marie} (Mein Volk)
My people {Canan, Janine} (Mein Volk)
Night Secret {Canan, Janine} (Heimlich zur nacht [video] [audio])
Now slumbers my soul {Bachlund, Gary} (Nun schlummert meine Seele)
Oh let me leave this world {Beilharz, Johannes} (O ich möcht aus der Welt)
Parting {Demeestère-Litman, Jeanette, Durchslag-Litt, Audri} (Abschied (2) [video] [audio])
Reconciliation {Demeestère-Litman, Jeanette} (Versöhnung)
Song of the Blessed {Canan, Janine} (Das Lied des Gesalbten)
The End of the World {Bachlund, Gary} (Weltende [video])
To the Barbarian (I cover your face) {Beilharz, Johannes} (Dem Barbaren (Ich liege in den Nächten))
To the Barbarian (The rough drops) {Beilharz, Johannes} (Dem Barbaren (Deine rauhen Blutstropfen))
To the Prince of the Grail {Beilharz, Johannes} (An den Gralprinzen)
When I met Tristan – {Beilharz, Johannes} (Als ich Tristan kennen lernte –)

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