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The page of Kline, A.S., English Translations

Kline, A.S.


A song for Bacchus (English) ⇐ Medici, Lorenzo de' :: Trionfo di Bacco e Arianna (Italian)
Acrobats (English) ⇐ Apollinaire, Guillaume :: Saltimbanques (French)
Alba Of The Dark Night (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: Alba de noche oscura (Spanish)
Alone and thoughtful, through the most desolate fields ... (English) ⇐ Petrarca, Francesco :: XXXV (Solo et pensoso…) (Italian)
Autumn Ill (English) ⇐ Apollinaire, Guillaume :: Automne malade (French)
Blue (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: Azul (Spanish)
Carmen (English) ⇐ Gautier, Théophile :: Carmen (French)
Coming And Going (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: Vaivén (Spanish)
Definition of Poetry (English) ⇐ Paszternak, Borisz Leonyidovics :: Определение поэзии (Russian)
For Federico García Lorca (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: A Federico García Lorca (Spanish)
Hotels (English) ⇐ Apollinaire, Guillaume :: Hôtels (French)
Hunting Horns (English) ⇐ Apollinaire, Guillaume :: Cors de chasse (French)
If I was born a farmhand (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: Si yo nací campesino (Spanish)
If my voice dies on land (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: Si mi voz muriera en tierra (Spanish) [video]
In the meadow I gaze at each white flower… (English) ⇐ Pistoia, Cino da :: Io guardo per li prati ogni (Italian)
Invitation To The Air (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: Invitación al aire (Spanish)
Mauve-Moon-Of-Ice (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: Malva-Luna-De-Yelo (Spanish)
Moonlight (English) ⇐ Apollinaire, Guillaume :: Clair de lune (French)
My Roe Deer (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: Mi corza (Spanish)
Naming The Dawn (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: El alba denominadora (Spanish)
ON THE DEATH OF PETRARCH (English) ⇐ Boccaccio, Giovanni :: In morte del Petrarca (Italian)
One Evening (English) ⇐ Apollinaire, Guillaume :: Un soir (French)
Peñaranda de Duero (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: Peñaranda de Duero (Spanish)
Song 8 (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: Canción 8 (Spanish)
The Angel Of Numbers (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: El Ángel De Los Números (Spanish)
The Ballad Of What The Wind Said (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: Balada de lo que el viento dijo (Spanish)
The Bells (English) ⇐ Apollinaire, Guillaume :: Les cloches (French)
The Bestiary: or Orpheus’s Procession (English) ⇐ Apollinaire, Guillaume :: Le Bestiaire ou Cortège d'Orphée (French)
The Bull Of Death (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: El toro de la muerte (Spanish)
The Collegiate Angels (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: Los Ángeles Colegiales (Spanish)
The Cry (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: Pregón (Spanish)
The Dead Angels (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: Los Ángeles Muertos (Spanish)
The Dove (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: La paloma (Spanish) [video]
The Farewell (English) ⇐ Apollinaire, Guillaume :: L' Adieu (French)
The Gypsy (English) ⇐ Apollinaire, Guillaume :: La Tzigane (French)
The Sign (English) ⇐ Apollinaire, Guillaume :: Signe (French)
The solitary bird (English) ⇐ Leopardi, Giacomo :: Il passero solitario (Italian)
The White Snow (English) ⇐ Apollinaire, Guillaume :: La Blanche Neige (French)
Things That Might Have Been (English) ⇐ Borges, Jorge Luis :: Things That Might Have Been (Spanish)
Twilight (English) ⇐ Apollinaire, Guillaume :: Crépuscule (French)
Vitam Impendere Amori* (English) ⇐ Apollinaire, Guillaume :: Vitam impendere amori (French)
What I Left, For You (English) ⇐ Alberti, Rafael :: Lo que dejé por ti (Spanish) [video]
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