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The page of Štrasser, Ján, Works translated to English

Image of Štrasser, Ján
Štrasser, Ján


77,297 {Minahane, John} (77 297)
Answering machine {Minahane, John} (Odkazovač)
Dental haiku {Minahane, John} (Dentálne haiku)
Earthquake in Mexico {Minahane, John} (Zemetrasenie v Mexiku)
Famous blue raincoat {Minahane, John} (Famous blue raincoat [video])
Gas reading {Minahane, John} (Stav plynu)
Height above sea level {Minahane, John} (Nadmorská výška)
I close... {Minahane, John} (Zatváram…)
I will not step... {Minahane, John} (Nevkročím…)
Spring haiku {Minahane, John} (Jarné haiku)
They won't rescue… {Minahane, John} (Nezachránia…)
Third autumn haiku {Minahane, John} (Tretie jesenné haiku)
Timeless haiku {Minahane, John} (Nadčasové haiku)
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