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Hedley, Leslie Woolf: Chant for All the People on Earth

Hedley, Leslie Woolf portréja

Chant for All the People on Earth (Angol)

Not to forget not ever forget so long as you live
so long as you love so long as you breathe eat wash
walk think see feel read touch laugh not to forget
not to ever forget so long as you know the meaning
of freedom of what lonely nights are to torn lovers
so long as you retain the soul heart of a man so long
as you resemble man in any way in any shape not to
forget not to ever forget for many have already
forgotten many have always planned to forget fire
fear death murder injustice hunger gas graves for
they have already forgotten and want you to forget
but do not forget our beloved species not to forget
not to ever forget for as long as you live carry it
with you let us see it recognize it in each other's
face and eyes taste it with each bite of bread each
time we shake hands or use words for as long as we
live not to forget what happened to six million Jews
to living beings who looked just as we look men
people children girls women young old good bad evil
profound foolish vain happy unhappy sane insane
mean grand joyous all dead gone buried burned not
to forget not to ever forget for as long as you live
for the earth will never be the same again for each
shred of sand cries with their cries and our lungs
are full of their dying sounds for god was killed in
each of them for in order to live as men we must not
forget for if they are forgotten O if they are forgotten
forget me also destroy me also burn my books my
memory and may everything I have ever said or done
or written may it be destroyed to nothing may I
become less than nothing for then I do not want even
one memory of me left alive on cold killing earth for
life would have no honor for to be called a man
would be an insult –

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