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Štrasser, Ján: Earthquake in Mexico (Zemetrasenie v Mexiku in English)

Portre of Štrasser, Ján

Zemetrasenie v Mexiku (Slovak)

Čítam: v hoteli Romana
zahynulo 500 ľudí.
Zachránili sa len traja:
dvojica milencov a jeden zlodej.
Nič viac tu o tom nestojí,
láska, márne hľadám podrobnosti,
ako to prežil ten zlodej.

PublisherJán Štrasser: Očné pozadie. LCA Levice/Modrý Peter Toronto, MCMXCIX
Source of the quotationOčné pozadie.

Earthquake in Mexico (English)

I read: in the Hotel Romana
500 people died.
Only three were saved:
two lovers and one thief.
No, there's no more news,
love, in vain I look for details
of how that thief survived.

Source of the quotationRetina, 1999