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Hajnal Éva: A Bunch of Haikus (Haikucsokor in English)

Portre of Hajnal Éva

Haikucsokor (Hungarian)

leszakadt gombként
elgurult ez a reggel
négylyukú bánat


kalács ez a délután
torkoskodnék még


roskatag fáradt
öregapó az este
sóhaj a fákon

Uploaded byBandi András
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A Bunch of Haikus (English)

like button torn off
this morning has rolled away
four-holed deep sorrow

cinnamon flavoured
honey-cake this afternoon
i’d still have some more

rickety wearied
very old man is evening
a sigh on the trees

Uploaded byN.Ullrich Katalin
Source of the quotationN. U. K.