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Glenday, John: Cudzinec (Stranger in Slovak)

Portre of Glenday, John
Portre of Répás Norbert

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Stranger (English)

Today, I am a new man,
a stranger in the town that bore me.
How simple it is to become a ghost -
just one word, one gesture, and we slip
through the fretwork of other people’s lives
as easily as water through a stone.
Just for today, if I were to pass myself in the street
I wouldn’t even raise my hat, or say hello.

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Cudzinec (Slovak)

Dnes som nový človek,
cudzinec v meste, ktoré ma porodilo.

Aké jednoduché je byť duchom -
len jedno slovo, jedno gesto, a tak sa kĺžeme

naprieč cirádam života iných ľudí, tak
ľahko, ako voda medzi kameňmi.

Keby som si dnes sám šiel naproti ulicou,
ani klobúk by som nezdvihol, nezdravil by som sa.

Uploaded byRépás Norbert
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