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Lyly, John: Apollót zengd, napistened (Hymn to Apollo in Hungarian)

Portre of Lyly, John

Hymn to Apollo (English)

Sing to Apollo, god of day,

Whose golden beams with morning play,

And make her eyes as brightly shine,

Aurora's face is called divine ;

Sing to Phoebus and that throne

Of diamonds which he sits upon.

    Io pæans let us sing

    To physic's and to poesy's king !


Crown all his altars with bright fire,

Laurels bind about his lyre,

A Daphnean coronet for his head,

The Muses dance about his bed ;

When on his ravishing lute he plays,

Strew his temple round with bays.

    Io pæans let us sing

    To the glittering Delian king !

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Apollót zengd, napistened (Hungarian)

Apollót zengd, napistened,

az aranyló tekintetet,

melyet ha Aurórára lop,

az isteni arccal ragyog;

ünnepeld gyémánttrónusán,

s hallja Phoebus: Io paean!

  Ideje zengni már:

  gyógyíron és versen király.


Oltárán szítsd s szentelje tűz,

babért a lantfájára fűzz;

fejébe Daphne koronája,

ágyához kilenc Múzsa tánca;

örökzöld legyen homlokán,

míg pengetőz. Io paean!

  Ideje zengni már:

  Déloszról tündöklő király.

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