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Joyce, James: Kamarazene V. (Chamber Music V in Hungarian)

Portre of Joyce, James
Portre of Israel Efraim

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Chamber Music V (English)

Lean out of the window,


I heard you singing

A merry air.


My book is closed;

I read no more,

Watching the fire dance

On the floor.


I have left my book:

I have left my room:

For I heard you singing

Through the gloom,


Singing and singing

A merry air.

Lean out of the window,


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Kamarazene V. (Hungarian)

Hajolj ki ablakodon,


Dalolni hallak,

            Te dalra jó!


Könyvem kinyílt,

            Becsuktam én.

A tűzhely táncos fényt

            Hint elém.


Otthagytam könyvet,

            Otthagytam szobát,

Mert dalod hallottam

            Az éjen át.


Dalod, a dalod,

            Te dalra jó!

Hajolj ki ablakodon,


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