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Dickinson, Emily: Az alvás élhető 13 (Sleep is supposed to be, 13 in Hungarian)

Portre of Dickinson, Emily

Sleep is supposed to be, 13 (English)

Sleep is supposed to be,
By souls of sanity,
The shutting of the eye.

Sleep is the station grand
Down which on either hand
The hosts of witness stand !

Morn is supposed to be,
By people of degree,
The breaking of the day.

Morning has not occurred !
That shall aurora be
East of eternity ;

One with the banner gay,
One in the red array, —
That is the break of day.

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Az alvás élhető 13 (Hungarian)

Az alvás élhető
Józanság - éltető
Szemet reteszelő

Az alvás nagyszerű
Aki odakerül
Bizonnyal üdvözül

A reggel mit adhat
A vaskalaposnak?
Kezdetét a napnak

Ily reggelt ki várna?
Az a mennynek mása
Hajnal hasadása

Zászló, ami lobog
Vörös áramlatok --
Így induljon napod!

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