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Ausländer, Rose: You’re here, still (Noch bist du da in English)

Portre of Ausländer, Rose

Noch bist du da (German)

Wirf deine Angst
in die Luft

ist deine Zeit um
wächst der Himmel
unter dem Gras
fallen deine Träume
ins Nirgends

duftet die Nelke
singt die Drossel
noch darfst du lieben
Worte verschenken
noch bist du da

Sei was du bist
Gib was du hast

Uploaded byP. T.
Source of the quotation

You’re here, still (English)

Throw your fear

into the air



your time is over


heaven grows

under the grass

your dreams fall

into nowhere



the carnation smells sweetly

the thrush sings

still you may love

give words away

you are here, still


Be what you are

Give what you have

Uploaded byBenő Eszter
Source of the quotation

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