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Profile: Efraim Israel

Authors (90)

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Works (50+50/1635)

50. (Air has no Residence, no Neighbor,) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
51. (Alle Menschen groß und klein...) [Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von; de]
52. (Alone and in a Circumstance) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
53. (Ample make this Bed —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
54. (Ample make this Bed —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
55. (Ample make this Bed —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
56. (An altered look about the hills —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
57. (An ignorance a Sunset) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
58. (Angels in the early morning) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
59. (Are Friends Delight or Pain?) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
60. (As if I asked a common alms —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
61. (At Half past Three, a single Bird) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
62. (Auch das ist relativ...) [Einstein, Albert; de]
63. (Báseň je... Nic a vše!) [Krchovský, J. H. ; cz]
64. (Beauty — be not caused — It Is —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
65. (Because 'twas Riches I could own,) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
66. (Because my Brook is fluent) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
67. (Bee! I'm expecting you!) (A funny poem) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
69. (Before I got my eye put out) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
72. (Bring me the sunset in a cup,) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
73. (By my Window have I for Scenery) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
74. (Co to máš, děvečko) [Cseh népdalok; cz]
75. (Co že jsem říkal? Nevím už...) [Krchovský, J. H. ; cz]
76. (Cocoon above! Cocoon below!) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
77. (Da wird nicht mehr nachgefragt!) [Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von; de]
78. (Death is a Dialogue between) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
79. (Death is the supple Suitor) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
80. (Derniers vers) [Chénier, André; fr]
82. (Did the Harebell loose her girdle) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
83. (Die Liebe war nicht geringe...) [Busch, Wilhelm; de]
84. (Dívča, dívča laštovička...) [Cseh népdalok; cz]
86. (Doom is the House without the Door —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
88. (Držím tvý ňadro...) [Krchovský, J. H. ; cz]
89. (Dům ve tmě, v domě tma...) [Krchovský, J. H. ; cz]
90. (Elijah's Wagon knew no thill) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
91. (Elysium is as far as to) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
92. (Ended, ere it begun —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
94. (Exhilaration is the Breeze) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
95. (Experiment escorts us last —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
96. (Exultation is the going) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
97. (Faith — is the Pierless Bridge) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
98. (Father, I bring thee not myself,—) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
99. (Floss won't save you from an Abyss) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
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Translations (2288)

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