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Profile: Efraim Israel

Authors (90)

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Works (0+50/1635)

0. Das Paradies [Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim; de]
1. Fame of Myself, to justify [Dickinson, Emily; en]
2. Frecher Bengel [Dehmel, Richard; de]
3. Harlekinade [Wildgans, Anton; de]
4. I found the words to every thought [Dickinson, Emily; en]
5. It was too late for Man [Dickinson, Emily; en]
6. Kuplet o ženské emancipaci [Gellner, František; cz]
7. 'Hope' is the thing with feathers [Dickinson, Emily; en]
9. 'T was such a little — little boat [Dickinson, Emily; en]
10. "Das Geheimnis ist groß" [Knodt, Karl Ernst; de]
11. "Heaven"—is what I cannot reach [Dickinson, Emily; en]
12. "Houses"—so the Wise Men tell me— [Dickinson, Emily; en]
13. "Nature" is what we see [Dickinson, Emily; en]
14. "Sown in dishonor"! [Dickinson, Emily; en]
15. "Wer sich der Poesie vermählt" [Busch, Wilhelm; de]
16. “Faith” is a fine invention [Dickinson, Emily; en]
17. „Nein,“ schimpfte die Ringelnatter [Ringelnatz, Joachim; de]
18. „Oh“, rief ein Glas Burgunder [Ringelnatz, Joachim; de]
20. (...a pokud se jedná o poezii) [Lorenc, Michael ; cz]
21. ("Heavenly Father" — take to thee) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
23. ("Remember me" implored the Thief!) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
24. ("Secrets" is a daily word) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
25. (A Coffin—is a small Domain) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
27. (A Deed knocks first at Thought) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
28. (A faded Boy — in sallow Clothes) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
29. (A Field of Stubble, lying sere) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
30. (A Field of Stubble, lying sere) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
31. (A first Mute Coming —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
32. (A fuzzy fellow, without feet,) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
35. (A Murmur in the Trees — to note —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
36. (A Prison gets to be a friend —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
38. (A Rat surrendered here) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
39. (A soft Sea washed around the House) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
40. (A Spider sewed at Night) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
41. (A stagnant pleasure like a Pool) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
42. (A still — Volcano — Life —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
43. (A Thought went up my mind today —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
44. (A Visitor in Marl —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
45. (A word is dead) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
46. (A Wounded Deer — leaps highest) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
47. (Above Oblivion's Tide there is a Pier) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
48. (Abraham to kill him —) [Dickinson, Emily; en]
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Translations (2288)

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