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Profile: Góz Adrienn

Authors (5)

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Works (50+12/62)

50. The Nightingale [Coleridge, Samuel Taylor; en]
51. The Voice of Things [Hardy, Thomas; en]
52. Theme in Yellow [Sandburg, Carl; en]
54. this kind of fire [Bukowski, Charles; en]
55. Three Fragments [Shelley, Percy Bysshe; en]
56. Ts’ai Chi’h [Pound, Ezra; en]
57. Venice in Winter for Gitta in Berlin [Russell, Peter; en]
58. Water [Emerson, Ralph Waldo; en]
59. We Real Cool [Brooks, Gwendolyn; en]
60. What Is an Epigram? [Coleridge, Samuel Taylor; en]
61. Winnie (detail) [Brooks, Gwendolyn; en]
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Translations (67)

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