I. Sonnet (German, Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
II. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
III. Sonnet (German, Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
IV. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
V. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
VI. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
VII. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
VIII. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
IX. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner / Part I (Hungarian) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
X. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner / Part II (Hungarian) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
XX. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
XXIV. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
XXV. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner / Part III (Hungarian) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner / Part IV (Hungarian) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
XLVI. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
XLVII. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner / Part V (Hungarian) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
L. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner / Part VI (Hungarian) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
LXVI. Sonnet (Esperanto, German, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, Russian, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, French, Hungarian) – Shakespeare, William
The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner / Part VII (Hungarian) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
LXXIII. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
LXXV. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
XCVII. Sonnet (Hungarian, German, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
CXXIX. Sonnet (Hungarian, German, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
CXXXIX. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
CXLVII. Sonnet (Hungarian, Czech) – Shakespeare, William
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A ^
A Bacchanalian (Spanish) – Chatterton, Thomas
A Bad Night on Third Avenue (Hungarian, German) – Laughlin, James
A Ballad of Burdens (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
A Ballad Of Dreamland (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
A Ballade of Suicide (Hungarian) – Chesterton, Gilbert Keith
A Baroque Sunburst (Hungarian) – Clampitt, Amy
A Beautiful Young Nymph Going To Bed (Hungarian) – Swift, Jonathan
A Bird came down the Walk (328) (Hungarian) – Dickinson, Emily
A Bird’s Song (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Edith
A Birthday (Hungarian) – Rossetti, Christina Georgina
A Birthday Present has audio (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
A Blessing (Hungarian) – Wright, James
A Boat (Hungarian) – Atwood, Margaret
A Bookshop Idyll (Hungarian) – Amis, Kingsley
A Bottle And Friend (Hungarian) – Burns, Robert
A boy’s song [video] (Hungarian) – Hogg, James
A Breakfast for Barbarians has audio (Hungarian) – MacEwen, Gwendolyn
A Bride in the Thirties [video] (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
A Brown Girl Dead (Hungarian) – Cullen, Countee
A Butterfly in Church (Hungarian) – McClellan, George Marion
A Call (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
A Certain Lady [video] (Hungarian) – Parker, Dorothy
[A child said What is the grass?] (Hungarian) – Whitman, Walt
A Child's Grace (Hungarian) – Herrick, Robert
A Clumsy Cathecism (Hungarian) – Porter, Peter
A Coat (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
A Consumer's Report [video] (Hungarian) – Porter, Peter
A Contemplation upon Flowers (Hungarian) – King, Henry
A Conversation (Hungarian) – Merwin, W.S.
A Cooking Egg (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
A Correct Compassion (Hungarian) – Kirkup, James
A Country Life (Hungarian) – Jarrell, Randall
A Cure of Souls (Hungarian) – Levertov, Denise
A dainty song (Hungarian) – Ramsay, Allan
A Death Song (Hungarian) – Morris, William
A Death-scene (Hungarian) – Brontë, Emily
A Deep-Sworn Vow (Hungarian, Serbian) – Yeats, William Butler
A Dialogue Between The Soul And Body (Hungarian) – Marvell, Andrew
A Dialogue Of Self And Soul [video] (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
A Disaster (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
A Disused Shed In Co. Wexford (Hungarian) – Mahon, Derek
A Divine Image [video] (Hungarian) – Blake, William
A Dog Was Crying Tonight in Wicklow Also (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
A dream (Hungarian, German) – Poe, Edgar Allan
A Dream (Hungarian) – Blake, William
A Dream of Suffocation (Hungarian) – Bly, Robert
A Dream Within a Dream [video] (Hungarian, German) – Poe, Edgar Allan
A Dreamed Realization (Hungarian) – Corso, Gregory
A dried up river is like the soul (Spanish) – Lowry, Malcolm
A Drinking Song [video] (Hungarian) – Tolkien, J.R.R.
A Dying Race (Hungarian) – Motion, Andrew
A Fairy Tale (Hungarian) – Glenday, John
A Fantasy (Hungarian) – Glück, Louise
A Farewell to Arms (Hungarian) – Peele, George
A Forsaken Garden (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
A Fragment (Hungarian) – Marlowe, Christopher
A Frightful Release (Hungarian) – Stein, Gertrude
A German Requiem (Hungarian) – Fenton, James
A girl (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
A Girl’s Song In Winter (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Edith
A Grain of Rice (Hungarian) – Scott, F. R.
A Grammarian's Funeral (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
A Grey Day (Hungarian) – Moody, William Vaughn
A Grief Ago (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
A Groatsworth of Wit Bought with a Million of Repentance (detail) (Hungarian) – Greene, Robert
A Gull (Hungarian) – Morgan, Edwin
A Hairline Fracture (Hungarian) – Clampitt, Amy
A Hermit Thrush (Hungarian) – Clampitt, Amy
A Hole In The Floor (Hungarian) – Wilbur, Richard
A Hollow Tree (Hungarian) – Bly, Robert
A home in dark grass (Hungarian) – Bly, Robert
A Hoplite's Helmet (Hungarian) – Porter, Peter
A Hymn of Nature no. 7 (Gird on thy sword, O man) (Slovak) – Bridges, Robert
A Hymn to Christ, at the Author's last going into Germany (Hungarian) – Donne, John
A Hymn to God the Father (Hungarian) – Jonson, Ben
A Hymn to God the Father (Hungarian) – Donne, John
A Jacobite’s Epitaph (Hungarian) – Macaulay, Thomas Babington
A Jew Returns to Germany (Hungarian, Serbian, Italian) – Hedley, Leslie Woolf
A Kite for Michael and Christopher (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
A Kite is a Victim [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Cohen, Leonard
A Lady Who Thinks She Is Thirty (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
A Lament (Hungarian) – Shelley, Percy Bysshe
A lament – june 1944 (Hungarian) – Lowry, Malcolm
A lane of Yellow led the eye (Hungarian) – Dickinson, Emily
A Late Spring Day in My Life (Hungarian) – Bly, Robert
A Late Walk has audio (Hungarian) – Frost, Robert
A learned man (Hungarian) – Crane, Stephen
A Leave-Taking (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
A lecture upon the shadow (Hungarian) – Donne, John
A life's parallels (Hungarian) – Rossetti, Christina Georgina
A Light Snow-Fall after Frost (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
A Litany in Time of Plague has audio (Hungarian) – Nashe, Thomas
A Litany of Atlanta [video] (Hungarian) – Du Bois, W. E. B.
A literary romance (Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
A Little Boy Lost has audio (Hungarian) – Rothenberg, Jerome
A Little Girl Lost (Hungarian) – Blake, William
A Little While I Fain Would Linger Yet has audio (Hungarian) – Hayne, Paul Hamilton
A London Fête (Hungarian) – Patmore, Coventry
A Long Dress (Hungarian) – Stein, Gertrude
A love story (Hungarian) – Graves, Robert
A lover (German) – Lowell, Amy
A Lullaby (Spanish) – Auden, W. H.
A Man Feared That He Might Find An Assassin (Hungarian) – Crane, Stephen
A Man Meets A Woman In The Street (Hungarian) – Jarrell, Randall
a man who had fallen among thieves (Hungarian) – Cummings, e. e.
A March Calf (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
A Martian Sends A Postcard Home [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Raine, Craig
A Match (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
A Meditation In Time Of War (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
A Meditation On John Constable has audio (Hungarian) – Tomlinson, Charles
A Memory Of the Players In a Mirror at Midnight (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
A Mercy (detail) (Hungarian) – Morrison, Toni
A mermaid (Hungarian, Serbian) – Yeats, William Butler
A Method of a Cloak (Hungarian) – Stein, Gertrude
A Modest Proposal (Hungarian) – Swift, Jonathan
A narrow Fellow in the Grass (986) (Hungarian) – Dickinson, Emily
A Negro Sermon: Simon Legree [video] (Hungarian) – Lindsay, Vachel
A Negro Woman (Hungarian) – Williams, William Carlos
A Newspaper (Hungarian) – Crane, Stephen
A Nocturnal upon St. Lucy's Day, being the shortest day (Hungarian, Spanish) – Donne, John
A Nocturne (Hungarian) – Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen
A Note on War Poetry has audio (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
A Pact (Spanish, Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
A Pæan [video] (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
A Peasant (Hungarian) – Thomas, R. S.
A perfect day for Bananafish [video] (Hungarian) – Salinger, J. D.
A Picture of a Girl in a Bikini (Hungarian) – Williams, Hugo
A Piper (Hungarian) – O'Sullivan, Seumas
A Place has audio (Hungarian) – Creeley, Robert
A Poem for Someone Killed in Spain (Hungarian) – Jarrell, Randall
A Poison Tree [video] (German, Hungarian, Serbian) – Blake, William
A Politically Incorrect Ode to Whitman (German) – Nair, Rukmini Bhaya
A Poplar (Hungarian) – Faulkner, William
A Portrait of the Artist (Hungarian) – Mahon, Derek
A Prairie Ride (Hungarian) – Moody, William Vaughn
A prayer at morning (Hungarian) – Jarrell, Randall
A Prayer for my Daughter [video] (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
A Process In The Weather Of The Heart (Slovak) – Thomas, Dylan
A Procession at Candlemas (Hungarian) – Clampitt, Amy
A question (Hungarian) – Synge, John Millington
A Question (Hungarian) – Frost, Robert
A Question About Fog (Hungarian) – Mooney, Martin
A Quiet Night (Hungarian) – Nims, John Frederick
A Red Hat (Hungarian) – Stein, Gertrude
A Red, Red Rose [video] (Hungarian) – Burns, Robert
A Refusal to Mourn (Hungarian) – Mahon, Derek
A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
A Removal from Terry Street has audio (Hungarian) – Dunn, Douglas
A Riddle (German) – Didsbury, Peter
A saint about to fall (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
A Satirical Elegy on the Death of a Late Famous General (Hungarian) – Swift, Jonathan
A Satyr on Charles II (Hungarian) – Wilmot, John, Earl of Rochester
A Sedentary Existence (Hungarian) – Ashbery, John
A Shropshire Lad (XIII) (Hungarian) – Housman, A. E.
A Shropshire Lad XXXI (Hungarian) – Housman, A. E.
A Sigh for Knockmany (Hungarian) – Carleton, William
A Silent Love (Hungarian) – Dyer, Edward
A Sofa in the Forties (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
A Song About Myself (Hungarian) – Keats, John
A Song for Simeon (Hungarian, French) – Eliot, T. S.
A Song In Passing (Hungarian) – Winters, Yvor
A song in the front yard [video] (Hungarian) – Brooks, Gwendolyn
A Song to a Lute (Hungarian) – Suckling, Sir John
A Sort of a Song has audio (Hungarian) – Williams, William Carlos
A Step Away from Them (Hungarian) – O'Hara, Frank
A Stopwatch And An Ordnance Map [video] (Hungarian) – Spender, Stephen
A Stove Lid for W.H. Auden (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
A street in Bronzeville, southeast corner (Hungarian) – Brooks, Gwendolyn
A Subaltern’s Love Song [video] (Hungarian) – Betjeman, John
A Summer Evening Churchyard (Hungarian) – Shelley, Percy Bysshe
A Summer Night (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
A Supermarket in California (Hungarian) – Ginsberg, Allen
A Tangled Tale (To my Pupil) (Hungarian) – Carroll, Lewis
A Taste Of Salt Water (Hungarian) – Shapcott, Thomas
A Telephone Call (Hungarian) – Parker, Dorothy
A Tenancy (Hungarian) – Merrill, James
A Ternary Of Littles, Upon A Pipkin Of Jelly Sent To A Lady (Hungarian) – Herrick, Robert
A Time to Dance (Hungarian) – Day Lewis, Cecil
A Trip to Paris and Belgium (detail) (Hungarian) – Rossetti, Dante Gabriel
A Twilight in Middle March (Hungarian) – Ledwidge, Francis
A Vacant Possession (Hungarian) – Fenton, James
A Valediction Forbidding Mourning (Hungarian) – Donne, John
A Valediction: of Weeping (Hungarian) – Donne, John
A Valentine (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
A Valentine (Hungarian) – Hollo, Anselm
A Vase of Flowers (Hungarian) – Ashbery, John
A Venetian Pastoral (Hungarian) – Rossetti, Dante Gabriel
A very short song [video] (Hungarian) – Parker, Dorothy
A very short story (Hungarian) – Hemingway, Ernest
A Virginal (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
A virtuoso (Hungarian) – Dobson, Austin
A voice from under the table (Hungarian) – Wilbur, Richard
A Walk After Dark [video] (Spanish) – Auden, W. H.
A Welshman to any Tourist (Hungarian) – Thomas, R. S.
A West Point Lampoon [Lines on Joe Locke] (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
A Westray Prayer (Hungarian, Slovak) – Glenday, John
A Wind Flashes the Grass (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
A Winter Talent (Hungarian) – Davie, Donald
A Wish (Czech) – Arnold, Matthew
A Woman Young And Old (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
A Word To Husbands (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
A world where news travelled slowly (Hungarian) – Greenlaw, Lavinia
A year passes (German) – Lowell, Amy
A young fellow name Crane (Spanish, Hungarian) – Lowry, Malcolm
A Young Wife (Hungarian) – Lawrence, D. H.
Abel’s Bride (Hungarian) – Levertov, Denise
Abou Ben Adhem (Hungarian) – Hunt, Leigh
Absalom and Achitophel (Excerpt) (Hungarian) – Dryden, John
Absence (Hungarian) – Morgan, Edwin
According to the Mighty Working (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
Acquainted with the Night (Hungarian) – Frost, Robert
Across the Bay (Hungarian) – Davie, Donald
Act of Kindness (Hungarian) – Amis, Kingsley
Adam has audio (Hungarian) – Goodman, Paul
Address to the Beasts (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Adrian Henri's Last Will and Testament (Hungarian) – Henri, Adrian
Adrian Henri’s talking after Christmas blues [video] (Hungarian) – Henri, Adrian
Adventures Of Isabel [video] (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
Advice for Geraldine on her Miscellaneous Birthday (Hungarian) – Dylan, Bob
Advice to a Prophet (Hungarian) – Wilbur, Richard
Advice To A Raven In Russia (Hungarian) – Barlow, Joel
Advice to the Young (Hungarian) – Waddington, Miriam
Advice To Young Children (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Aesculapius Unbound (Hungarian) – Revard, Carter
Afro American Talking Drum [video] (Hungarian) – Baraka, Amiri (LeRoi Jones)
Afro-American Fragment (Hungarian) – Hughes, Langston
After (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
After Apple-Picking (Hungarian) – Frost, Robert
After Auschwitz (Hungarian) – Sexton, Anne
After Baudelaire, ‘Les Bijoux’ (German) – Lindop, Grevel
After dark (Hungarian) – Rich, Adrienne
After dark vapors have oppress'd our plains... (Hungarian) – Keats, John
After Death [video] (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
After Fifty Years (Hungarian) – Faulkner, William
After great pain, a formal feeling comes (341) (Hungarian) – Dickinson, Emily
After Love (Hungarian, Serbian, Italian) – Teasdale, Sara
After Our Planet (Hungarian) – Strand, Mark
After publication „Under the Volcano” (Spanish, Hungarian) – Lowry, Malcolm
After Schiller's 'A Maiden from Afar' (German) – Tranter, John
After the Funeral [video] (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
After the pangs of a desperate Lover (Hungarian) – Dryden, John
After the Winter (Hungarian) – McKay, Claude
Afterlives (Hungarian) – Mahon, Derek
Aftermath (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Afternoon in February (Hungarian) – Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Afterwards [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
Against Extremity has audio (Hungarian) – Tomlinson, Charles
Against Romanticism (Hungarian) – Amis, Kingsley
Against Them Who Lay Unchastity to the Sex of Women (Hungarian) – Habington, William
Ah, will the Saviour…? (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Ah! like gold fall the leaves in the wind (Hungarian) – Tolkien, J.R.R.
Ah! Sunflower (Hungarian) – Blake, William
Al Aaraaf (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Alba (Hungarian, Spanish) – Pound, Ezra
Alba (Hungarian, Spanish) – Beckett, Samuel
Alcoholic (Hungarian) – Lowry, Malcolm
All Along The Watchtower [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Dylan, Bob
All in green went my love riding [video] (Hungarian) – Cummings, e. e.
All Legendary Obstacles (Hungarian) – Montague, John
All Soul's Day (Hungarian) – Lawrence, D. H.
All That's Past [video] (Hungarian) – Mare, Walter de la
[All that was mortal] (Hungarian) – Teasdale, Sara
All the Flowers of the Spring (Hungarian) – Webster, John
All There Is to Know about Adolph Eichmann (Hungarian) – Cohen, Leonard
All Things will Die (Hungarian) – Tennyson, Alfred Lord
All ye woods… (Hungarian) – Fletcher, John
Alla Dogana (Hungarian) – Symons, Arthur
Allegory of the Adolescent and the Adult (Hungarian) – Barker, George
Almeria (Spanish) – Huxley, Aldous
Almost Human (Hungarian) – Day Lewis, Cecil
Alone [video] (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Aloof (Hungarian) – Rossetti, Christina Georgina
Alphabets (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Altered from an old English song (Hungarian) – Burns, Robert
Altitudes (Hungarian) – Wilbur, Richard
Always different (Hungarian) – Morrison, Jim
Ambiguity’s Wedding (Hungarian) – Simic, Charles
America (Hungarian) – Ginsberg, Allen
America (Hungarian) – McKay, Claude
America Was Promises (Hungarian) – MacLeish, Archibald
American folklore (Hungarian) – Heath-Stubbs, John
American Letter (Hungarian) – MacLeish, Archibald
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Detail) (Hungarian) – Shakespeare, William
Among School Children (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
Among Those Killed in the Dawn Raid Was a Man Aged a Hundred [video] (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Amoretti: Sonnet 15 (Hungarian) – Spenser, Edmund
Amoretti: Sonnet 3 (Hungarian) – Spenser, Edmund
Amoretti: Sonnet 34 (Hungarian) – Spenser, Edmund
Amoretti: Sonnet 68 (Hungarian) – Spenser, Edmund
Amoretti: Sonnet 75 (Hungarian) – Spenser, Edmund
Amoretti: Sonnet 8 (Hungarian) – Spenser, Edmund
Amoris victima (detail) (Hungarian) – Symons, Arthur
Amours de Voyage (detail) (Hungarian) – Clough, Arthur Hugh
An Acre of Grass (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
An acrostic (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
An Address to the Vacationers at Cape Lookout (Hungarian) – Stafford, William
An Allegory (Hungarian) – Ignatow, David
An Angel in Blythburgh Church (Hungarian) – Porter, Peter
An Arundel Tomb [video] (Hungarian) – Larkin, Philip
An Eastern Ballad (Hungarian) – Ginsberg, Allen
An elegy, years after Sarah (Hungarian) – Heighton, Steven
An Enigma (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
An Epicurean Ode (Hungarian) – Hall, John
An Epitaph (Hungarian) – Mare, Walter de la
An Epitaph (Hungarian) – Beattie, James
An Epitaph (Hungarian) – Davies, William Henry
An Epitaph on Salathiel Pavy, a child of Queen Elizabeth's Chapel (Hungarian) – Jonson, Ben
An Epitaph upon Husband and Wife who died and were buried together (Hungarian) – Crashaw, Richard
An Essay on Criticism (detail) (Hungarian) – Pope, Alexander
An Essay on Criticism (details) (Hungarian) – Pope, Alexander
An evil spirit, your beauty… (Hungarian) – Drayton, Michael
An Excelente Balade of Charitie* (Spanish) – Chatterton, Thomas
An Horatian Ode upon Cromwell’s Return from Ireland (Hungarian) – Marvell, Andrew
An Image from Beckett (Hungarian) – Mahon, Derek
An Indignation Dinner (Hungarian) – Corrothers, James D.
An Inquiry into Two Inches of Ivory (Hungarian) – Raine, Craig
An Irish Airman Foresees His Death [video] (Hungarian, Spanish) – Yeats, William Butler
An Island Cemetery (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
An Ode for Him (Hungarian) – Herrick, Robert
An Ode to Himself (Hungarian) – Jonson, Ben
An Old Man's Winter Night (Hungarian, Spanish) – Frost, Robert
An old woman (1.) (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Edith
An Oregon Message (Hungarian) – Stafford, William
An Otter (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
An Ulster Unionist: Walks the Streets of London (Hungarian) – Paulin, Tom
Ancestrals (Hungarian) – Henson, Lance
Ancient Music (Hungarian, Serbian) – Baraka, Amiri (LeRoi Jones)
And death shall have no dominion [video] has audio (Hungarian, Spanish, Greek) – Thomas, Dylan
And Did the Animals? (Hungarian) – Van Doren, Mark
And If I Did, What Then? (Hungarian) – Gascoigne, George
And the days are not full enough (Spanish) – Pound, Ezra
And The Moon And The Stars And The World (Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
And there was a great calm (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
And What Shall You Say? (Hungarian) – Cotter, Jr. Joseph Seamon
And You as Well Must Die, Beloved Dust (Sonnet VIII) [video] (Hungarian) – St. Vincent Millay, Edna
Andrea del Sarto (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
Anecdote of the Jar has audio (Hungarian) – Stevens, Wallace
Angel (Hungarian) – Merrill, James
Angkor 2003, First Trip (detail) (Hungarian) – Cohen, Ira
Anglosaxon Street (Hungarian) – Birney, Earle
Animal Snared in His Revery (Hungarian) – Lamantia, Philip
Animula (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Annabel Lee [video] has audio (Hungarian, Polish, German, Esperanto, Spanish) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Anniversaries - The fourth (Anniversary weather) (Hungarian) – Motion, Andrew
Anniversaries - The first (Hungarian) – Motion, Andrew
Anniversaries - The second (Hungarian) – Motion, Andrew
Anniversaries - The third (Hungarian) – Motion, Andrew
Anniversaries - The fourth (The evening falls) (Hungarian) – Motion, Andrew
Anniversary (I) (Hungarian) – Hewett, Dorothy
Anniversary (II) (Hungarian) – Hewett, Dorothy
Annunciations (Hungarian) – Crane, Hart
Annus Mirabilis (details) (Hungarian) – Dryden, John
Another bed (Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
Another Brick in the Wall [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Pink Floyd
Another Dimension (Hungarian) – Warren, Robert Penn
Another reason why I don't keep a gun in the house (Hungarian) – Collins, Billy
Another September (Hungarian) – Kinsella, Thomas
Another Time (Hungarian, Spanish) – Auden, W. H.
Anseo [video] (Hungarian) – Muldoon, Paul
Answer To A Child's Question [video] (Hungarian) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Anthem For Doomed Youth [video] (French, Hungarian, Czech) – Owen, Wilfred
anyone lived in a pretty how town (Hungarian) – Cummings, e. e.
Apartment Cats (Hungarian) – Gunn, Thom
Apologia pro Poemate Meo (Hungarian) – Owen, Wilfred
Apologia pro Vita Sua (Hungarian) – Ammons, A. R.
Apology (Hungarian) – Lowell, Amy
Apology For Bad Dreams (Hungarian) – Jeffers, Robinson
Apology for Understatement (Hungarian) – Wain, John
Apparuit (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Apple Tragedy (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Approach to a City (Hungarian) – Williams, William Carlos
Après la Politique, la Haine des Bourbons (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
April (German) – Emerson, Ralph Waldo
April Inventory has audio (Hungarian) – Snodgrass, W. D.
Arabia (Hungarian) – Mare, Walter de la
Arbor Vitae (Hungarian) – Plunkett, Joseph Mary
Arcadia (detail) [video] (Hungarian) – Sidney, Philip
Archaeology (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Are They Shadows (Hungarian) – Daniel, Samuel
Are Ye Right There Michael has audio (Hungarian) – French, Percy
Are You Drinking? (Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
Ariel has audio (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Aristotle [video] (Hungarian) – Collins, Billy
Ars Poetica (Hungarian) – MacLeish, Archibald
Ars poetica (Hungarian) – Morrison, Jim
Ars Poetica (Hungarian) – Dove, Rita
Art (Hungarian) – Melville, Herman
Art Thou Poor (Hungarian) – Dekker, Thomas
Artillerie (Hungarian) – Herbert, George
As a Plane Tree by the Water (Hungarian) – Lowell, Robert
As from the darkening gloom a silver... (German) – Keats, John
As I Grew Older (Hungarian) – Hughes, Langston
As I Walked out One Evening [video] (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
As I Went Out One Morning [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Dylan, Bob
As If a Phantom Caress'd Me (German) – Whitman, Walt
As imperceptibly as Grief (1540) (Hungarian) – Dickinson, Emily
As the Dead Prey Upon Us (Hungarian) – Olson, Charles
As The Mist Leaves No Scar (Hungarian) – Cohen, Leonard
Ash Wednesday has audio (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Aside (Hungarian) – Thomas, R. S.
As I Walk These Broad, Majestic Days (Hungarian) – Whitman, Walt
Ask Daddy, He Won't Know (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
Ask For Nothing (Hungarian) – Levine, Philip
Ask Me No More (Hungarian) – Carew, Thomas
Aspens (Hungarian) – Thomas, Edward
Assassin (Hungarian) – Hass, Robert
Astrophel and Stella 1 (Hungarian) – Sidney, Philip
Astrophel and Stella 5 (Hungarian) – Sidney, Philip
Astrophel and Stella 15 (Hungarian) – Sidney, Philip
Astrophel and Stella 31 (Hungarian) – Sidney, Philip
Astrophel and Stella 39 (Hungarian) – Sidney, Philip
Astrophel and Stella 47 (Hungarian) – Sidney, Philip
Astrophel and Stella 69 (Hungarian) – Sidney, Philip
Astrophel and Stella 81 (Hungarian) – Sidney, Philip
Astrophel and Stella 87 (Hungarian) – Sidney, Philip
Astrophel and Stella 108 (Hungarian) – Sidney, Philip
Astrophel and Stella eleventh song (Hungarian) – Sidney, Philip
Astrophel and Stella fourth song (Hungarian) – Sidney, Philip
Astrophobos [video] (Spanish) – Lovecraft, H. P.
At a Country Fair (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
At a Hasty Wedding (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
At a Lunar Eclipse [video] (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
At a Solemn Music (Hungarian) – Milton, John
At Baia (Hungarian) – H. D.
At Castle Boterel (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
At Chadwick's Bar and Grill (Hungarian) – Henson, Lance
At Galway races (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
At Holwell farm has audio (Hungarian) – Tomlinson, Charles
At Last the Secret Is Out (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
At Least a Hundred Words (Hungarian) – Williams, Hugo
At lunchtime [video] (Hungarian) – McGough, Roger
At Melville's Tomb [video] (Hungarian) – Crane, Hart
At North Farm (Hungarian) – Ashbery, John
At Parting (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
At Piccadilly Circus (Hungarian, Czech) – Pinto, Vivian De Sola
At Stinson Beach (Hungarian) – Hass, Robert
At Tea (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
At the Bar (Hungarian, Portuguese) – Lowry, Malcolm
At The Bomb Testing Site (Hungarian) – Stafford, William
At the Cenotaph (Hungarian) – MacDiarmid, Hugh
At the Closed Gate of Justice (Hungarian) – Corrothers, James D.
At the Draper's (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
At the Executed Murderer’s Grave (Hungarian) – Wright, James
At the Mid Hour of Night (Hungarian) – Moore, Thomas
At the Slackening of the Tide (Hungarian) – Wright, James
At the Tourist Centre in Boston (Hungarian) – Atwood, Margaret
Atlantis (Hungarian) – Bottomley, Gordon
Atlantis (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
A Toccata of Galuppi’s (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
Aubade (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Edith
Auction (Hungarian) – Gom, Leona
August 1968 [video] (Slovak, Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
August Rain (detail) (Hungarian) – Bly, Robert
Auld Lang Syne [video] (Hungarian, Czech, Slovak) – Burns, Robert
Aunt Helen (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Aurora Leigh (detail) (Hungarian) – Barrett-Browning, Elizabeth
Auspex (Hungarian) – Lowell, James Russell
Author's Prologue to Poems has audio (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Auto Wreck [video] (Hungarian) – Shapiro, Karl
Autobiographia Literaria (Hungarian) – O'Hara, Frank
Autopsy (Hungarian) – Lowry, Malcolm
Autopsy report on the body of a famous general (Hungarian, Serbian, Italian) – Hedley, Leslie Woolf
Autumn (Hungarian) – Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Autumn (Hungarian) – Campbell, Roy
Autumn (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Autumn Chapter In a Novel (Hungarian) – Gunn, Thom
Autumn Movement (Hungarian) – Sandburg, Carl
Autumn Song (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Autumn Song (Hungarian) – Conkling, Hilda
Autumn Valentine (Hungarian) – Parker, Dorothy
Autumnus [video] (Hungarian) – Sylvester, Joshua
Ave Atque Vale (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
Away (Hungarian) – Mare, Walter de la
Away, Delights (Hungarian) – Fletcher, John
Away, Melancholy (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Away, Melancholy (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Ayers Rock Uluru Song (Hungarian) – Ginsberg, Allen
B ^
Babbitt (detail) (Hungarian) – Lewis, Sinclair
Baby tortoise (Hungarian) – Lawrence, D. H.
Baby's way (Hungarian) – Tagore, Rabindranath
Bagatelle (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Edith
Bagpipe Music has audio (Hungarian) – MacNeice, Louis
Bagpipe Music (Hungarian) – MacDiarmid, Hugh
Baking a B-movie (Hungarian) – Bryan, Tom
Balanced in the Foundry (Hungarian) – Cohen, Ira
Balder Dead (detail) (Hungarian) – Arnold, Matthew
Ballad (Hungarian) – Johnson, Samuel
Ballad Of A Thin Man [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Dylan, Bob
Ballad of the Despairing Husband [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Creeley, Robert
Ballad of the Goodly Fere has audio (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Ballad The Tunning of Elinor (detail) (Hungarian) – Skelton, John
Ballade of Genuine Concern (Hungarian) – Belloc, Hilaire
Ballade of Unfortunate Mammals (German, Hungarian) – Parker, Dorothy
Ballad of Reading Gaol (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
Ballydavid Pier (Hungarian) – Kinsella, Thomas
Baltic Fog Notes (Hungarian) – Sandburg, Carl
Bar session [video] (Hungarian) – Egan, Desmond
Barbara Frietchie (Hungarian) – Whittier, John Greenleaf
Barcarolle (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Bare Almond Trees (Hungarian) – Lawrence, D. H.
Baroque Comment (Hungarian) – Bogan, Louise
Bartok and the Geranium (Hungarian) – Livesay, Dorothy
Bath Song [video] (Hungarian) – Tolkien, J.R.R.
Baudelaire (Hungarian) – Schwartz, Delmore
Beach Glass (Hungarian, Italian) – Clampitt, Amy
Bearded Oaks (Hungarian) – Warren, Robert Penn
Beauty (Hungarian) – Wylie, Elinor
Beauty (Hungarian) – Masefield, John
Because I could not stop for Death (712) (Hungarian, German) – Dickinson, Emily
Because my mother and father… (Hungarian) – Bingham, Kate
Because the pleasure-bird whistles after (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Bede's Death-song* (Hungarian) – Bede, Venerable
Bede’s Death Song* (Hungarian) – Bede, Venerable
Bedlam Boys (Hungarian) – English and Scottish Popular Ballads
Beer (Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
'Bees' Nest' (Hungarian) – Morgan, Edwin
Beethoven, Opus 111 [video] (Hungarian) – Clampitt, Amy
Before (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
Before Dawn, When The Tigers Broke Free [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Pink Floyd
Before I Knocked [video] (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Before The Beginning Of Years (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
Before the Birth of One of Her Children (Hungarian) – Bradstreet, Anne
Before you throw the dice, think twice (Hungarian) – Cohen, Ira
Beggar to Beggar Cried (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
Being Human (Hungarian) – Liu, Chen-ou
Bells (Czech) – Blodgett, E. D.
Bells for John Whiteside’s Daughter (Hungarian) – Ransom, John Crowe
Beloved Physician (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Beneath the Malebolge lies Hastings street... (Spanish) – Lowry, Malcolm
Beppo (Hungarian) – Byron, George
Berceuse [video] (Hungarian) – Clampitt, Amy
Bermudas (Hungarian) – Marvell, Andrew
Berry Picking (Hungarian) – Layton, Irving
Best Society has audio (Hungarian) – Larkin, Philip
Bestial poems - 1. (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
Bestial poems - 2. (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
Bestial poems - 3. (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
Bestial poems - 4. (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
Bestial poems - 5. (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
Bestial poems - 6. (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
Bestial poems - 7. (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
Bestiary (Hungarian) – Birney, Earle
Between the World and Me [video] (Hungarian) – Wright, Richard
Between two prisoners (Hungarian) – Dickey, James
Between Two Wars (Hungarian) – Rexroth, Kenneth
Between Walls has audio (Hungarian) – Williams, William Carlos
Between the Sunset and the Sea (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
Beverly Hills, Chicago (Hungarian) – Brooks, Gwendolyn
Beyond the End (Hungarian) – Levertov, Denise
Bicycling for Ladies (extracts) (Hungarian) – Burnside, John
Big Bessie throws her son into the street (Hungarian) – Brooks, Gwendolyn
Billie 'n' Me (Hungarian) – Dunn, Douglas
Bingen on the Rhine (Hungarian) – Norton, Caroline
Birches [video] (Hungarian) – Frost, Robert
Birdfoot’s Grampa (Hungarian) – Bruchac, Joseph
Birds (Hungarian) – Jeffers, Robinson
Birds at Winter Nightfall (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
Birds, Women and Writing (Hungarian) – McGuckian, Medbh
Birdwatching at Fan Lake (Hungarian) – Endrezze, Anita
Birmingham (Hungarian) – MacNeice, Louis
Birthday Cake has audio (Hungarian) – Goodman, Paul
Bitter Chocolate (Hungarian) – Cohen, Ira
Bitter Lemons (Hungarian) – Durrell, Lawrence
Bitterness (Hungarian) – Miller, Vassar
Black Angel (Hungarian) – Ridland, John
Black Coat (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Black Holes (Hungarian) – Reid, Alastair
Black Horizons (Hungarian) – Sandburg, Carl
Black Magdalens (Hungarian) – Cullen, Countee
Black Majesty (Hungarian) – Cullen, Countee
Black Rook in Rainy Weather (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Black Woman (Hungarian) – Johnson, Georgia Douglas
Blackberry-picking [video] (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Blackboard Jungle (Hungarian) – Ennis, Julian
Blackie, the Electric Rembrandt (Hungarian) – Gunn, Thom
Blandula tenula vagula (Spanish) – Pound, Ezra
Blood And The Moon (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind (Hungarian) – Shakespeare, William
Blow, West Wind (Hungarian) – Warren, Robert Penn
Blowin' In The Wind [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Dylan, Bob
Blue Flower Second Version (German) – Cronin, M. T. C.
Blue Oracle (Hungarian) – Cohen, Ira
Blues (Hungarian) – Burnside, John
Bog Oak (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Bogland (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Bohemian graveyard (Hungarian) – Kliphan, John
Bolyai, the Geometer (Hungarian) – Davie, Donald
Bonny Barbara Allan (Hungarian) – English and Scottish Popular Ballads
Bonny George Campbell (Hungarian) – English and Scottish Popular Ballads
Book (Hungarian) – Stein, Gertrude
Bored (Hungarian) – Atwood, Margaret
Bowled over (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Brahma has audio (Hungarian) – Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Brass Spittoons (Hungarian) – Hughes, Langston
Break of Day in the Trenches (Hungarian) – Rosenberg, Isaac
Break, break, break (Hungarian) – Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Breakfast (Hungarian) – Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson
Breughel (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Bric-a-brac [video] (Hungarian) – Parker, Dorothy
Bridal Ballad (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Bridal Song* (Hungarian) – Fletcher, John
British Journalist (Epigram) (Hungarian) – Wolfe, Humbert
Brock (Hungarian) – Muldoon, Paul
Broken Dreams (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
Brother (Hungarian) – Graves, Robert
Brothers (Hungarian) – Johnson, James Weldon
Brown Boy to Brown Girl (Hungarian) – Cullen, Countee
Brown rice (Hungarian) – Castro, Michael
Brumana (Hungarian) – Flecker, James Elroy
Brussels in Winter (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Bryant Park, New York (Hungarian) – Heath-Stubbs, John
Bucolics 1. Winds has audio (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Bucolics 2. Woods has audio (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Bucolics 3. Mountains has audio (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Bucolics 4. Lakes has audio (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Bucolics 5. Islands has audio (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Budapest [video] (Hungarian) – Collins, Billy
Buddha (Slovak) – Tsai, Tze-Min
Bull (Hungarian) – Mo Yan
Burbank with a Baedeker: Bleistein with a Cigar (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Burden (Greek, Slovak, Hungarian) – Aligizakis, Manolis
Burning Oneself In (Hungarian) – Rich, Adrienne
Burning Oneself Out (Hungarian) – Rich, Adrienne
Burying Ground by the Ties (Hungarian) – MacLeish, Archibald
Bus East (Hungarian) – Kerouac, Jack
But I Do Not Need Kindness (Hungarian, Spanish) – Corso, Gregory
Butterfly Bones; or Sonnet Against Sonnets (Hungarian) – Avison, Margaret
Butterfly on Rock (Hungarian) – Layton, Irving
By Her Aunt's Grave (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
By the Arno (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
By the Statue of King Charles at Charing Cross (Hungarian) – Johnson, Lionel
Byzantium [video] has audio (Hungarian, Serbian) – Yeats, William Butler
C ^
Cadenabbia (Hungarian) – Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Calgary Kitchen, 1955 (Hungarian) – Bryan, Tom
Call for the Robin Redbreast (Hungarian) – Webster, John
Calypsos (Hungarian) – Williams, William Carlos
Can Writing Bring It Back? [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Cohen, Ira
Canada: Case History (Hungarian) – Birney, Earle
Canadians (Hungarian) – Waddington, Miriam
Canal Bank Walk (Hungarian) – Kavanagh, Patrick
Candle Hat [video] (Hungarian) – Collins, Billy
Canoeing on Loch Veyatie, Late Summer (Hungarian) – Bryan, Tom
Canto I has audio (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto II [video] (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto III has audio (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto IV has audio (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto IX (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto X (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto XIII has audio (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto XIV (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto XVI has audio (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto XVII has audio (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto XX (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto XXI (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto XXX has audio (Hungarian, Italian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto XXXVI has audio (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto XXXIX (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto XLV [video] (Hungarian, Spanish) – Pound, Ezra
Canto XLVII (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto XLIX (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto CXV has audio (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto CXVI (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Canto CXX (Hungarian, Spanish) – Pound, Ezra
Canto the fourth (Childe Harold’s details) (Hungarian) – Byron, George
Canto the third (Childe Harold’s detail) (Hungarian) – Byron, George
Captain Lavender (Hungarian) – McGuckian, Medbh
Captain Stratton’s Fancy [video] (Hungarian) – Masefield, John
Caravan (Hungarian) – Longley, Michael
Cardinal Wolsey (detail) (Hungarian) – Skelton, John
Cargoes (Hungarian) – Masefield, John
Carolan’s lament over the grave of Mac Cabe (Hungarian) – Irish Minstrelsy
Carpe Noctem (Spanish, Hungarian) – Huxley, Aldous
Carrickfergus (Hungarian) – MacNeice, Louis
Carved animals (Hungarian) – Atwood, Margaret
Cascando (Hungarian, Spanish) – Beckett, Samuel
Cat’s meat (Hungarian) – Monro, Harold
Catharsis (Hungarian) – Hodgins, Philip
Catholic Hymn (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Cattle Show (Hungarian) – MacDiarmid, Hugh
Cause and Effect (Hungarian) – Alan Norman Bold
Cædmon's Hymn* (Hungarian) – Cædmon
`Ceci est digne de gens sans Dieu' (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Celestial Music (Hungarian) – Glück, Louise
Cemeteries (Czech) – Blodgett, E. D.
Centaur Song (Hungarian) – H. D.
Ceremony After A Fire Raid [video] (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
certain maxims of archy (details) (Hungarian) – Marquis, Don
Cézanne at Aix has audio (Hungarian, Spanish) – Tomlinson, Charles
Chamber Music I (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music II (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music III (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music IV (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music V (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music VI (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music VII (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music VIII (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music IX (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music X (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XI (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XII (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XIII (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XIV (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XV (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XVI (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XVII (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XVIII (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XIX (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XX (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXI (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXII (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXIII (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXIV (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXV (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXVI (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXVII (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXVIII (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXIX (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXX (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXXI (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXXII (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXXIII (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXXIV (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXXV (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Chamber Music XXXVI (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Change of Guard: Tracking Vyasa (German) – Majumdar, Anuradha
Change of Season (Hungarian) – Cohen, Ira
Chanson has audio (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
Chansons Innocentes (I) (Hungarian) – Cummings, e. e.
Chant for All the People on Earth (Hungarian, Serbian, Italian) – Hedley, Leslie Woolf
Chant to be Used in Processions around a Site with Furnaces has audio (Hungarian) – Merton, Thomas
Chaplinesque [video] (Hungarian) – Crane, Hart
Charity Thou Art A Lie (Hungarian) – Crane, Stephen
Charles The First (Scene 5, detail) (Hungarian) – Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Charm Against Toothache [video] (Hungarian) – Heath-Stubbs, John
Chemicals (Hungarian) – Estuary, Mark A.
Cherry Ripe (Hungarian) – Davie, Donald
Cherry-ripe [video] (Hungarian) – Campion, Thomas
Cherrylog Road (Hungarian) – Dickey, James
Chicago [video] has audio (Hungarian, Spanish) – Sandburg, Carl
Chicago (Hungarian) – Hollo, Anselm
Child Development has audio (Hungarian) – Collins, Billy
Child Waters (Hungarian) – English and Scottish Popular Ballads
Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (Canto I, XXXIX-XLIII) (Hungarian) – Byron, George
Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (Detail) (Hungarian, Slovak) – Byron, George
Childlessness (Hungarian) – Merrill, James
Children Are Stars of Peace (Hungarian, Slovak) – Aharoni, Ada
Children of Darkness (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Children of Light (Hungarian) – Lowell, Robert
Children of the Sun (Hungarian) – Johnson, Fenton
Children’s Song [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Thomas, R. S.
Chimes (Hungarian) – Meynell, Alice
Chinatown (Hungarian) – Mahon, Derek
Chinoiseries (Hungarian) – Lowell, Amy
Chopped-Off Arm (Hungarian) – Sirowitz, Hal
Chopping (Hungarian) – McGuckian, Medbh
Chorus Sacerdotum (detail from Mustapha) (Hungarian) – Greville, Sir Fulke
Christ in Alabama (Hungarian) – Hughes, Langston
Christabel (Hungarian) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Christmas at Sea [video] (Hungarian) – Stevenson, Robert Louis
Christmas Syllabics for a Wife (Hungarian) – Davie, Donald
Chrysalides (Hungarian) – Kinsella, Thomas
Church Going has audio (Hungarian) – Larkin, Philip
Cinderella (Hungarian) – Dahl, Roald
Circe (Hungarian) – MacNeice, Louis
Cities and Thrones and Powers (Hungarian) – Kipling, Rudyard
City Afternoon (Hungarian) – Ashbery, John
City Elegies I. The Day Dreamers (Hungarian) – Pinsky, Robert
City Elegies II. Everywhere I Go, There I Am (Hungarian) – Pinsky, Robert
City Elegies III. House Hour (Hungarian) – Pinsky, Robert
City Elegies IV. Street Music (Hungarian) – Pinsky, Robert
City Elegies V. Soot (Hungarian) – Pinsky, Robert
City Elegies VI. The Tuning (Hungarian) – Pinsky, Robert
City Without Walls (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Clean Curtains (Hungarian) – Sandburg, Carl
Clearances (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Cleopatra to the Asp (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Clerihew - Chesterton (Hungarian) – Ingram, Paul
Clerihew - Hitler & Goering (Hungarian) – Bentley, Edward Clerihew
Clerihew - Stravinsky (Hungarian) – Ingram, Paul
Clerihew - Truman (Hungarian) – Ingram, Paul
Clerihew - Whittier (Hungarian) – Ingram, Paul
Clerihew – Aeschylus (Hungarian) – Bentley, Edward Clerihew
Clerihew – Cervantes (Hungarian) – Bentley, Edward Clerihew
Clerihew – George III (Hungarian) – Bentley, Edward Clerihew
Clerihew – Jonathan Swift (Hungarian) – Bentley, Edward Clerihew
Clerihew – Mahomet (Hungarian) – Bentley, Edward Clerihew
Clerihew – Wren (Hungarian) – Bentley, Edward Clerihew
Clock-O'-Clay (Hungarian) – Clare, John
Closing Down The Bars (Hungarian) – Castro, Michael
Clouds (Hungarian) – Brooke, Rupert
Clouds (Hungarian) – Koethe, John
Clown in the Moon [video] (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Coastal casuarina in the second summer (Hungarian) – Hull, Coral
Cock-Crowing (Hungarian) – Vaughan, Henry
Cockade (Hungarian) – Harsent, David
Coda (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Cold are the Crabs (Hungarian) – Lear, Edward
Cold Spring in Essex (Hungarian) – Davie, Donald
Cold Storage (Hungarian) – Ennis, Julian
Colin, the enamoured shepherd, singeth his passion of love (Hungarian) – Peele, George
Cologne (German) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Colombus (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
Colonel Fantock (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Edith
Colors (Hungarian) – Silverstein, Shel
Colyn Cloute (detail) (Hungarian) – Skelton, John
Come Away, Come Away, Death (Hungarian) – Shakespeare, William
Come Away, Death (Hungarian) – Pratt, E. J.
Come Back (Hungarian) – Hart, Kevin
Come my Celia, let us prove (Hungarian) – Jonson, Ben
Come Not, When I am Dead (Hungarian) – Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Come to me grief for ever [video] (Hungarian) – Byrd, William
Come Up from the Fields Father (Hungarian) – Whitman, Walt
Come With Me (Hungarian) – Bly, Robert
Comeclose and Sleepnow (Hungarian) – McGough, Roger
Comfort (Hungarian, Spanish) – Lowry, Malcolm
Coming together (Hungarian) – Castro, Michael
Competition Is Healthy (Hungarian) – Porter, Peter
Complaint to His Empty Purse (Hungarian) – Chaucer, Geoffrey
Complete Destruction (Hungarian) – Williams, William Carlos
Compliments Future (Slovak) – Tsai, Tze-Min
Concord (Hungarian) – Lowell, Robert
Concord Hymn [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Confessio Amantis (detail) (Hungarian) – Gower, John
Confessio Amantis (details) (Hungarian) – Gower, John
Conquest (Hungarian) – Williams, William Carlos
Considering the Snail (Hungarian) – Gunn, Thom
Consolation [video] (Hungarian) – Collins, Billy
Consolations of Philosophy (Hungarian) – Mahon, Derek
Continental Drift (Hungarian) – Clampitt, Amy
Contusion (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Conversation Among the Ruins (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Conversation Galante (Hungarian, Spanish) – Eliot, T. S.
Conviction (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Cook County (Hungarian) – MacLeish, Archibald
Coosaknockaun (Hungarian) – Egan, Desmond
Corinna's going a-Maying (Hungarian) – Herrick, Robert
Coriolan I - Triumphal March (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Coriolan II - Difficulties of a Statesman (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Coriolanus (Detail) (Hungarian) – Shakespeare, William
Cornucopion (Hungarian) – Cohen, Ira
Corsons Inlet [video] (Hungarian) – Ammons, A. R.
Counterpane: Grandfathers's Death (Hungarian) – Hass, Robert
Cousin Nancy (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Cow in Calf (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Coyote Tells Why He Sings (Hungarian) – Revard, Carter
Crabapple Blossoms (Hungarian) – Sandburg, Carl
Crazy Jane and Jack the Journeyman (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
Crazy Time (Hungarian) – Waddington, Miriam
Credences of summer I (Hungarian) – Stevens, Wallace
Cree* Seasonspoem (Hungarian) – Niven, Liz
Creed (Hungarian) – Scott, F. R.
Creeper (Hungarian) – Amis, Kingsley
Critics and Connoisseurs (Hungarian) – Moore, Marianne
Cro-Magnons (Hungarian) – Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
Cross (Hungarian) – Hughes, Langston
Crossing the Bar (Hungarian, Slovak) – Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Crossing the Swamp (Hungarian) – Oliver, Mary
Crossing the Water (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Crow Alights (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Crow and Stone (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Crow Blacker than ever (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Crow Goes Hunting (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Crow's First Lesson [video] (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Crow's Nerve Fails (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Crow's Song of Himself (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Crow’s Theology (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Crowdie Ever Mair [video] (Hungarian) – Burns, Robert
Crusoe in England (Hungarian) – Bishop, Elizabeth
Crystals Like Blood (Hungarian) – MacDiarmid, Hugh
Cui Bono (Hungarian) – Carlyle, Thomas
Cupid and my Campaspe play'd (Hungarian) – Lyly, John
Curriculum Vitae (Hungarian) – Mueller, Lisel
Curse of a Rich Polish Peasant on His Sister Who Ran Away With a Wild Man (Hungarian) – Sandburg, Carl
Cuttings (later) (Hungarian) – Roethke, Theodore
Cymon and Iphigenia (detail) (Hungarian) – Dryden, John
D ^
Da Tagte Es (Hungarian, Spanish) – Beckett, Samuel
Dachshund (Hungarian) – Smith, William Jay
Daddy has audio (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Daisies (Hungarian) – Wolfe, Humbert
Dance Figure has audio (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Danse Russe has audio (Hungarian) – Williams, William Carlos
Dark August (Hungarian) – Walcott, Derek
Dark Song (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Edith
Darkness (Spanish) – Huxley, Aldous
David (Hungarian) – Lowry, Malcolm
Dawn at St. Patrick’s (Hungarian) – Mahon, Derek
Day 11 (Hungarian) – Beaver, Bruce
Day 17 (Hungarian) – Beaver, Bruce
Day 20 (Hungarian) – Beaver, Bruce
Day 21 (Hungarian) – Beaver, Bruce
Day 27 (Hungarian) – Beaver, Bruce
Day 7 (Hungarian) – Beaver, Bruce
Day dream (Hungarian) – Tessimond, A. S. J.
Day of Foreboding (Hungarian) – Kunitz, Stanley
Day of These Days (Hungarian) – Lee, Laurie
Day Song (Hungarian) – Henson, Lance
Daybreak (Hungarian) – Kinnell, Galway
Days (Hungarian) – Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Days of 1964 (Hungarian) – Merrill, James
De Daumier-Smith's Blue Period (Hungarian) – Salinger, J. D.
De Gustibus (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
De Profundis (Hungarian) – Rossetti, Christina Georgina
Dead Leaf in May (Hungarian) – Aiken, Conrad
Dead Soldiers (Hungarian) – Fenton, James
Dear Friends, We Surely All Agree (Hungarian) – Dahl, Roald
Dear Mr Lee (Hungarian) – Fanthorpe, U. A.
Dear Reader (Hungarian) – Collins, Billy
Dear, my compass… (Hungarian) – Bishop, Elizabeth
Death (Hungarian) – Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Death & Co. (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Death in hospital (Hungarian) – Lehmann, John
Death of a Naturalist [video] has audio (Hungarian, Spanish) – Heaney, Seamus
Death of Peasant (Hungarian) – Thomas, R. S.
Death of young son by drowning (Spanish) – Atwood, Margaret
Death on all fronts (Hungarian) – Ginsberg, Allen
Death Snips Proud Men (Hungarian) – Sandburg, Carl
Death Who (Hungarian) – Hodgins, Philip
Death's Morning Shadows (Hungarian) – Porter, Peter
Dedication for a Plot of Ground [video] (Hungarian) – Williams, William Carlos
dedication: from novalis (German, Hungarian) – Hollo, Anselm
Deep in earth (German, Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
defining the magic (Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
Degrees of Gray in Philipsburg [video] (Hungarian) – Hugo, Richard
Dejection: An Ode (Hungarian) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Delia XLII: When Winter Snows (Hungarian) – Daniel, Samuel
Delia XLIII: Thou canst not die (Hungarian) – Daniel, Samuel
Delia XLV: Care-charmer Sleep [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Daniel, Samuel
Delia XLVI: Let others sing (Hungarian) – Daniel, Samuel
Delia XXXIII: When men shall find (Hungarian) – Daniel, Samuel
Delight In Disorder (Hungarian) – Herrick, Robert
Delirium in Uruapan (French, Spanish) – Lowry, Malcolm
Delirium in Vera Cruz (Spanish) – Lowry, Malcolm
Delusion Angel [video] (Hungarian) – Jewell, David
Demeter’s Prayer to Hades (Hungarian) – Dove, Rita
Derry Morning (Hungarian) – Mahon, Derek
Design for November (Hungarian) – Williams, William Carlos
Desolation Row [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Dylan, Bob
Despised And Rejected (detail) (Hungarian) – Rossetti, Christina Georgina
Devil (Hungarian, Slovak) – Tsai, Tze-Min
Dew (Hungarian) – Tsai, Tze-Min
Dew-Drop And Diamond (Hungarian) – Graves, Robert
Diagrams (Hungarian) – Gunn, Thom
Dialogue (Hungarian) – Egan, Desmond
Dies Irae (Hungarian) – Lowell, Robert
Different Hours (Hungarian) – Dunn, Stephen
Digging (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Dilemma (Hungarian) – Ignatow, David
Dinner Party, 1940 (Hungarian) – Sherlock, Philip M.
Dirge [video] (Hungarian) – Fearing, Kenneth
Dirge (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Dirge for the New Sunrise (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Edith
Dirge in Woods (Hungarian) – Meredith, George
Discipline (Hungarian) – Herbert, George
Discovery of the New World (Hungarian) – Revard, Carter
Disillusion (Hungarian) – Hughes, Langston
Disillusionment of Ten O'Clock (Hungarian) – Stevens, Wallace
Distance (Hungarian) – Parker, Dorothy
Do not go gentle into that good night [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Do Not Stare At Me (Hungarian) – Carter, Martin
Do not throw stones at this sign has audio (Hungarian, Slovak) – Sweeney, Matthew
Dodona: Asked of the Oracle (Hungarian) – Clampitt, Amy
Dogs Are Shakespearean, Children Are Strangers (Hungarian) – Schwartz, Delmore
Dole of the King’s daughter (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
Dolor has audio (Hungarian, Spanish) – Roethke, Theodore
Don Juan - Dedication (Hungarian) – Byron, George
(Don't poo the Gnu...) (Hungarian) – Silverstein, Shel
Doors of the temple (Spanish) – Huxley, Aldous
∆ὡpia [video] (Hungarian, Croatian) – Pound, Ezra
Dortmunder (Hungarian) – Beckett, Samuel
Double-Tail Dog (Hungarian) – Silverstein, Shel
Doukhobor (Hungarian) – Newlove, John
Dover Beach (Hungarian) – Arnold, Matthew
[Down…]* [video] has audio (Hungarian, Slovak, German) – Yeats, William Butler
Down at the Dinghy (Hungarian) – Salinger, J. D.
Down Cemetery Road (Hungarian) – Porter, Peter
Drained (Hungarian) – Hedley, Leslie Woolf
Dread (Hungarian) – Synge, John Millington
Dream Song 29 (Hungarian) – Berryman, John
Dream Song 145 (Hungarian) – Berryman, John
Dream Song 312 (Hungarian) – Berryman, John
Dream Song 324 (Hungarian) – Berryman, John
Dream Song 384 [video] (Hungarian) – Berryman, John
Dream Song 385 (Hungarian) – Berryman, John
Dream Variations (Hungarian) – Hughes, Langston
Dream-Land (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Dreams (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Dreams (Hungarian) – Hughes, Langston
Drinking Song (Hungarian) – Fletcher, John
Driving Home (Hungarian) – Simic, Charles
Driving Through Sawmill Towns (Hungarian) – Murray, Les A.
Driving toward the Lac Qui Parle River (Hungarian) – Bly, Robert
Drummer Hodge (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
Dry Be That Tear (Hungarian) – Sheridan, Richard Brinsley
Dry Loaf (Hungarian) – Stevens, Wallace
Dry Root in a Wash (Hungarian) – Ortiz, Simon J.
drylands (Hungarian) – Yahia Lababidi
Dublinesque (Hungarian) – Larkin, Philip
Dulce et Decorum est [video] (Hungarian) – Owen, Wilfred
Dunt: a poem for a dried up river (Hungarian) – Oswald, Alice
During Wind and Rain [video] (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
Dust of Snow [video] (Hungarian) – Frost, Robert
dying is fine)but Death (Hungarian) – Cummings, e. e.
E ^
Each and All has audio (Hungarian) – Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Eanach Dhuin* (english version) (Hungarian) – Raftery, Anthony
Early bird (Hungarian) – Silverstein, Shel
Early Lynching (Hungarian) – Sandburg, Carl
Early Spring (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Edith
Ears in the Turrets Hear (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Earth Dust (Hungarian) – Levertov, Denise
Earth's Answer [video] (Hungarian) – Blake, William
East Bronx (Hungarian) – Ignatow, David
Easter Hymn (XXVI) (Hungarian) – Housman, A. E.
Easter Wings (Hungarian) – Herbert, George
Easter, 1916 (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
Ecce Homo (Hungarian) – Berryman, John
Ecce Homo (Hungarian) – Gascoyne, David
Ecclesiastes (Hungarian) – Mahon, Derek
Echo (Hungarian) – Rossetti, Christina Georgina
Echo's Bones (Hungarian) – Beckett, Samuel
Echo’s song (Hungarian) – Jonson, Ben
Eden (Hungarian) – Traherne, Thomas
Eden (Hungarian) – Davie, Donald
Edge (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Edward, Edward (Hungarian) – English and Scottish Popular Ballads
Efficiency (Hungarian) – Scott, F. R.
Eight O'Clock (Hungarian) – Housman, A. E.
Eileen Aroon (Hungarian) – Griffin, Gerald
El Dorado (Hungarian, German) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Electric Light (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Elegy (Hungarian) – Lawrence, D. H.
Elegy (Hungarian, Italian, Serbian) – Hedley, Leslie Woolf
Elegy [video] (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Elegy (Hungarian) – Ciardi, John
Elegy for a Dead Soldier (Hungarian) – Shapiro, Karl
Elegy for a Still-born Child (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Elegy for J. F. K. (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Elegy for the Monastery Barn (Hungarian) – Merton, Thomas
Elegy IX The autumnal (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Elegy over a Tomb (Hungarian) – Herbert of Cherbury, Lord Edward
Elegy V His Picture (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Elegy VIII The Comparison (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard (Hungarian) – Gray, Thomas
Elegy X The Dreame (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Elegy XX To his mistress going to bed (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Eleonora (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Elizabeth (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Ellis Island (Hungarian) – Bruchac, Joseph
Elm (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Elven Hymn to Elbereth [video] (Hungarian) – Tolkien, J.R.R.
Emblems (Hungarian) – Tate, Allen
Emily Brontë (Hungarian) – Day Lewis, Cecil
End, Middle, Beginning (Hungarian) – Sexton, Anne
Endymion (detail) (Hungarian) – Keats, John
Enemies (Hungarian) – Layton, Irving
Enigma (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Entirely [video] (Hungarian) – MacNeice, Louis
Enueg I (Hungarian) – Beckett, Samuel
Enueg II (Hungarian) – Beckett, Samuel
Envoi (Hungarian) – Egan, Desmond
Envoy – Passages 7 (Hungarian) – Duncan, Robert
Envy (Hungarian) – Komunyakaa, Yusef
Ephemera (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
Epic (Hungarian) – Kavanagh, Patrick
Epicoene, or the Silent Woman (Hungarian) – Jonson, Ben
Epidermal Macabre has audio (Hungarian) – Roethke, Theodore
Epigram (Hungarian) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Epigram (Hungarian) – Prior, Matthew
Epigram (Hungarian) – Johnson, Samuel
Epigram for Joe (Hungarian) – O'Hara, Frank
Epigram for Wall Street (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Epigram VIII (Hungarian) – Landor, Walter Savage
Epilogue (Spanish) – Pound, Ezra
Epilogue (out the window) (Hungarian) – Egan, Desmond
Epilogue (so let me wait) (Hungarian) – Egan, Desmond
Epiphany (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Epipsychidion (detail) (Hungarian) – Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Epistle to Arbuthnot (detail) (Hungarian) – Pope, Alexander
Epitaph (Hungarian, Spanish) – Lowry, Malcolm
Epitaph [video] (Hungarian) – Heath-Stubbs, John
Epitaph (Hungarian) – Synge, John Millington
Epitaph (Hungarian, Italian) – Ország-Land, Thomas
Epitaph for the Unknown Soldier [video] (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Epitaph on a Tyrant (Hungarian, German) – Auden, W. H.
Epitaph on a Wag in Mauchline (Hungarian) – Burns, Robert
Epitaph on Sir Philip Sidney (Hungarian) – Raleigh, Sir Walter
Epitaph on the Earl of Leicester (Hungarian) – Raleigh, Sir Walter
Epitaph on the Earl of Strafford (Hungarian) – Cleveland, John
Epitaph to a Dog (Hungarian) – Byron, George
Epitaphs (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Epithalamion (Hungarian) – Spenser, Edmund
Erat hora (Hungarian, Spanish) – Pound, Ezra
Erosion (Hungarian) – Waddington, Miriam
Especially when the October Wind has audio (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Essay on Man - Epistle 2 (detail) (Hungarian) – Pope, Alexander
Estevan, 1934 (Hungarian) – Mandel, Eli
Esther (detail) (Hungarian) – Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen
Et in Arcadia Ego (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Eternity [video] has audio (Hungarian) – The Tiger Lillies
Etruscan Tombs (detail) (Hungarian) – Robinson, Agnes Mary
Eulalie [video] (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Euphoria (Hungarian) – Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
Europa (Hungarian) – Walcott, Derek
Europa’s Lover XIV (Hungarian) – Dunn, Douglas
Europe’s Prisoners (Hungarian) – Keyes, Sidney
Evans (Hungarian) – Thomas, R. S.
Eve to Her Daughters (Hungarian) – Wright, Judith
Evening Alone at Bunyah (detail) (Hungarian) – Murray, Les A.
Evening star (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Evening Waterfall (Hungarian) – Sandburg, Carl
Evening Without Angels [video] (Hungarian) – Stevens, Wallace
Everything is Going to be All Right [video] (Hungarian) – Mahon, Derek
Everything is Going to be All Right (Hungarian) – Mahon, Derek
Excelsior [video] (Hungarian) – Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Exeat (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Expecting Silence (Hungarian) – Davie, Donald
Exposure (Hungarian) – Owen, Wilfred
Extempore Effusion upon the Death of James Hogg (Hungarian) – Wordsworth, William
Extempore verses (God bless the King!) (Hungarian) – Byrom, John
Extraction (Hungarian) – Cohen, Ira
Eye-Opener (Spanish) – Lowry, Malcolm
Eyes Are Everywhere (Hungarian) – Sirowitz, Hal
Eyes of Night-Time (Hungarian) – Rukeyser, Muriel
Eyes That Last I Saw In Tears (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
F ^
Fable (Hungarian) – Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Fafnir and the Knights (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Faire is my Love (Hungarian) – Daniel, Samuel
Fairy-land (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Fairyland (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Fairytale to Scar (Hungarian) – Green, Stephanie
Falling Asleep (Hungarian) – Sassoon, Siegfried
Fame (Hungarian) – Mew, Charlotte
Familial topics (3 poems) (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
Family of Cave Bears (Hungarian) – Hollo, Anselm
Family Prime has audio (Hungarian) – Van Doren, Mark
Fangorn's Reminescence Song (Hungarian) – Tolkien, J.R.R.
Fanny (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Farewell Song of the Elves (Hungarian) – Tolkien, J.R.R.
Farewell to Italy (Hungarian) – Landor, Walter Savage
Farewell to the Court (Hungarian) – Raleigh, Sir Walter
Farewell, Love [video] (Hungarian) – Wyatt, Sir Thomas
Farewell, Ungrateful Traitor! (Hungarian) – Dryden, John
Farm Wife (Hungarian) – Thomas, R. S.
Farmer near Sybil Point (Hungarian) – Egan, Desmond
Father and Son [video] (Hungarian) – Kunitz, Stanley
Father Death Blues (Hungarian) – Ginsberg, Allen
Fathers and Sons (Hungarian) – Hemingway, Ernest
Faustus and I (Hungarian) – Sexton, Anne
Feelings of a Republican on the Fall of Bonaparte (Hungarian) – Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Feeling of Spring (Slovak, Hungarian) – Droogenbroodt, Germain
Felix Randal (Hungarian) – Hopkins, Gerard Manley
Fern Hill [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Fever 103° has audio (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Fiascherino has audio (Hungarian) – Tomlinson, Charles
Fidelity (Hungarian) – Lawrence, D. H.
Fidelity (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Field and Forest (Hungarian) – Jarrell, Randall
Field of long grass (Hungarian) – Smith, A. J. M.
Fifth Child (detail) (Hungarian) – Lessing, Doris
Fifth Philosopher's Song (Hungarian) – Huxley, Aldous
Figments (Hungarian) – D’Hertefelt, Luc
Fill for me a brimming bowl (German, Hungarian) – Keats, John
Filling Station (Hungarian) – Bishop, Elizabeth
Final Instructions has audio (Hungarian, Portuguese) – Day Lewis, Cecil
Finale (Hungarian) – Wright, Judith
Fingers in the Door (Hungarian) – David Holbrook
Finis (Hungarian) – Landor, Walter Savage
Finish (Hungarian) – Sandburg, Carl
Fire (Hungarian) – Pratt, E. J.
Fire and Ice has audio (German, Hungarian) – Frost, Robert
Fire and Reason (Hungarian) – Livesay, Dorothy
Fire-eater (Hungarian, Italian) – Harrison, Tony
First Chorus from Atalanta in Calydon (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
First Love [video] (Hungarian) – MacDiarmid, Hugh
First of May (Hungarian) – Pickard, Tom
First Philosopher's Song (Hungarian) – Huxley, Aldous
First shall the heavens want starry light (Hungarian) – Lodge, Thomas
First Things First (Spanish, Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Fish (Hungarian) – Lawrence, D. H.
Fish and Men (Hungarian) – Bryan, Tom
Fish in the Unruffled Lakes (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Five Elephants (Hungarian) – Dove, Rita
Five-Finger Exercises (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Flemington Racecourse (Hungarian) – Hart, Kevin
Flight One (Hungarian) – MacEwen, Gwendolyn
Flood (Hungarian) – Harrison, Tony
Flood Plains on the Coast facing Asia (Hungarian) – Murray, Les A.
Flow, Flow, Flow (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Flowering Death (Hungarian) – Ashbery, John
Flowers by the Sea (Hungarian) – Williams, William Carlos
Flying Fox (Hungarian) – Shapcott, Thomas
Fog (Hungarian) – Clampitt, Amy
Foliage of Vision (Hungarian) – Merrill, James
Folk (Hungarian) – Cohen, Leonard
Follow Thy Fair Sun (Hungarian) – Campion, Thomas
Foolish Love (Hungarian) – Greene, Robert
For a Birthday (Hungarian) – Gunn, Thom
For a Far-out Friend (Hungarian) – Snyder, Gary
For a masseuse and a prostitute (Hungarian) – Rexroth, Kenneth
For a Picture of St. Dorothea (Hungarian) – Hopkins, Gerard Manley
For An Anniversary has audio (Hungarian) – Creeley, Robert
For Annie [video] (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
For Death Is Not The End (Hungarian) – Trick, A. E. (Bert)
For Eleanor Boylan talking with God (Hungarian) – Sexton, Anne
For Esmé with Love and Squalor (Hungarian) – Salinger, J. D.
For Friends Only (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
For Hettie (Hungarian) – Baraka, Amiri (LeRoi Jones)
For James Dean (Hungarian) – O'Hara, Frank
for Jo (Hungarian) – Shipton, Jonathan
For Lydia (Hungarian) – Estuary, Mark A.
For my funeral (Hungarian) – Housman, A. E.
For Rhoda (Hungarian) – Schwartz, Delmore
For Righteousness’ Sake (Hungarian) – Whittier, John Greenleaf
For Sale (Hungarian) – Lowell, Robert
For Samuel Beckett (Hungarian) – Egan, Desmond
For the Mother of My Mother’s Mother (Hungarian) – Patchen, Kenneth
For The One Who Would Take Man's Life In His Hands (Hungarian) – Schwartz, Delmore
For the Union Dead [video] (Hungarian) – Lowell, Robert
For W.C.W. has audio (Hungarian) – Bowering, George
Forefathers (Hungarian) – Blunden, Edmund
Forget not the field (Hungarian) – Moore, Thomas
Forget not yet (Hungarian) – Wyatt, Sir Thomas
Forgetfulness [video] (Hungarian) – Collins, Billy
Forgetfulness (Hungarian) – Crane, Hart
Forgive Me, Sire (Hungarian) – Cameron, Norman
Fork (Hungarian) – Simic, Charles
Foster the Light (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Fountains (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Sacheverell
Four Quartets/1 has audio (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Four Quartets/2 has audio (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Four Quartets/3 (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Four Quartets/4 (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Four Saints in Three Acts (detail) (Hungarian) – Stein, Gertrude
Fox Sleep (Hungarian) – Merwin, W.S.
Frae The Friends And Land I Love (Spanish, English) – Burns, Robert
Fragment of A Campaign Song (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Fragment: Follow To The Deep Wood's Weeds (Hungarian) – Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Fragment: Questions (Hungarian) – Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Fragment: To A Friend Released From Prison (Hungarian) – Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Fragments of a Lost Gnostic Poem Of The Twelfth Century (Hungarian) – Melville, Herman
Francesca (Spanish, Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Franny [video] (Hungarian) – Salinger, J. D.
Frater Ave Atque Vale (Hungarian) – Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Freedom (Hungarian) – Levertov, Denise
Freedom (Hungarian) – Struther, Jan
Frenzy (Hungarian) – Sexton, Anne
Friday's Child (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Friendly advice to a lot of young men (Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
Friends Departed (Hungarian) – Vaughan, Henry
Frolic (Hungarian) – Russell, Æ George William
From Colony to Nation (Hungarian) – Layton, Irving
From Gloucester out (Hungarian) – Dorn, Edward
From Stone to Steel (Hungarian) – Pratt, E. J.
From the Domain of Arnheim has audio (Hungarian) – Morgan, Edwin
From the Flats (Hungarian) – Lanier, Sidney
From the Hazel Bough (Hungarian) – Birney, Earle
From the House Journal (Hungarian) – Berrigan, Ted
From the Porch [video] (Hungarian) – Koethe, John
From the Republic of Conscience (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
From the Train (German) – Galbraith, Iain
From the Whole Megillah (Hungarian) – Cohen, Ira
From Don Juan (Hungarian, German) – Byron, George
Front (Hungarian) – Pickard, Tom
Frost at Midnight (Hungarian, Serbian) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Frustration (German) – Parker, Dorothy
Full Fathom Five (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Full Moon (Hungarian) – Wylie, Elinor
Funeral blues [video] (Spanish, German, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech) – Auden, W. H.
Fungi from Yuggoth (detail) (Hungarian) – Lovecraft, H. P.
Funk Lore [video] (Hungarian, Serbian) – Baraka, Amiri (LeRoi Jones)
Futility (Hungarian) – Owen, Wilfred
G ^
Galadriel's Song of Eldamar [video] (Hungarian) – Tolkien, J.R.R.
Galloping Green: May 1962 (Hungarian) – Kinsella, Thomas
Garden (Hungarian) – H. D.
Gascoigne’s Lullaby (Hungarian) – Gascoigne, George
Gathering Leaves (Hungarian) – Frost, Robert
General William Booth Enters Into Heaven has audio (Hungarian) – Lindsay, Vachel
Genevieve (Hungarian) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Geometry (Hungarian) – Dove, Rita
Georgia Beach (Hungarian) – Atwood, Margaret
Gerontion has audio (Hungarian, Serbian) – Eliot, T. S.
Get Up and Bar the Door (Hungarian) – English and Scottish Folk Ballads
Getting Across (Hungarian) – Revard, Carter
Ghost Town (Hungarian) – Longley, Michael
Ghost-crabs (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Ghosts [video] (Hungarian) – Jennings, Elizabeth
Giardino Pubblico (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Osbert
Gift [video] (Czech, Hungarian, Slovak) – Cohen, Leonard
Gifts (Hungarian) – Thomson, James
Gifts of Rain (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Girl on a High Wire (Hungarian) – Mandel, Eli
Girlfriend Over for Dinner (Hungarian) – Sirowitz, Hal
Give All to Love [video] (Hungarian) – Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Give me women, wine, and snuff (German) – Keats, John
Glanmore Sonnets VI (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Glanmore Sonnets I (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Glanmore Sonnets II (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Glanmore Sonnets III (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Glanmore Sonnets IV (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Glanmore Sonnets V (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Glanmore Sonnets VII (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Glanmore Sonnets VIII (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Glanmore Sonnets IX (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Glanmore Sonnets X (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Glasgerion (Hungarian) – English and Scottish Popular Ballads
Glazunoviana (Hungarian) – Ashbery, John
Gloire de Dijon (Hungarian) – Lawrence, D. H.
Gnomic Verses (Spanish, Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
God fashioned the ship of the world carefully (Hungarian) – Crane, Stephen
God Give to Men (Hungarian) – Bontemps, Arna
God's Grandeur (Hungarian) – Hopkins, Gerard Manley
God, A Poem has audio (Hungarian) – Fenton, James
God's funeral (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
God's Work (Hungarian) – Carson, Anne
God's World (Hungarian) – St. Vincent Millay, Edna
God’s Handiwork (Hungarian) – Carson, Anne
Gods Wheel (Hungarian) – Silverstein, Shel
Going (Hungarian) – Larkin, Philip
Going and Staying (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
Going back to Bed (Hungarian) – McClatchy, J. D.
Gone (Hungarian) – Thomas, R. S.
Gone (Hungarian) – Muldoon, Paul
Good Dog Nigel (Hungarian) – Lennon, John
Good Friday, 1613. Riding Westward (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Good-Bye To The Mezzogiorno (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Goodbye (Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
Goodbye Blue Sky [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Pink Floyd
Grace (Hungarian) – Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Gradual Clearing (Italian) – Clampitt, Amy
Graffiti (Hungarian) – Estuary, Mark A.
Grana Weal (Hungarian) – Irish Minstrelsy
Grandfather (Hungarian) – Bowering, George
Graphemics has audio (Hungarian) – Spicer, Jack
Grass has audio (Hungarian) – Sandburg, Carl
Grasses (Italian) – Clampitt, Amy
Grave Fairytale (Hungarian) – Hewett, Dorothy
Gravestones (Hungarian) – Watkins, Vernon
Greater Love (Hungarian) – Owen, Wilfred
Green (Hungarian) – Lawrence, D. H.
Green Geese (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Edith
Green Rain (Hungarian) – Livesay, Dorothy
Green River (Hungarian) – Bryant, William Cullen
Greenwich observatory (Hungarian) – Keyes, Sidney
Greyhounding to Billings, Montana [video] (Hungarian) – Kenny, Maurice
Grief (Hungarian) – Barrett-Browning, Elizabeth
Grotesque details from Hudibras (Hungarian) – Butler, Samuel
Gude Ale Keeps The Heart Aboon (Hungarian) – Burns, Robert
Gulliver (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Gunslinger (detail) (Hungarian) – Dorn, Edward
Gus: The Theatre Cat (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
H ^
haiku (i once tried) (Hungarian) – Awodey, Marc
haiku (swans) (Hungarian) – Awodey, Marc
haiku (there were) (Hungarian) – Awodey, Marc
Hair [video] (Hungarian, Slovak) – Sweeney, Matthew
Halflife (Hungarian) – O'Rourke, Meghan
Halfway (Hungarian) – Wright, Judith
Hallelujah (Hungarian) – Ko, Un
Hamatreya has audio (Hungarian) – Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Hamlet (Hungarian) – Soyinka, Wole
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (Detail) (Hungarian, French, German) – Shakespeare, William
Hap (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
Happiness (Spanish) – Lowry, Malcolm
Happiness (Hungarian) – Sandburg, Carl
Happy enough (Hungarian) – Johnston, George
Hark, now everything is still (Hungarian) – Webster, John
Harlem Shadows (Hungarian) – McKay, Claude
Harold’s Leap (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Hatred of Men With Black Hair (Hungarian) – Bly, Robert
Hatteras Calling (Hungarian) – Aiken, Conrad
Hawk Roosting (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Hay-cock (Hungarian) – Conkling, Hilda
Haymakers, Rakers, Reapers, And Mowers (Hungarian) – Dekker, Thomas
He fell among Thieves [video] (Hungarian) – Newbolt, Sir Henry
He Puts Me to Rest (Hungarian) – Ignatow, David
He remembers forgotten beauty (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
He Resigns (Hungarian) – Berryman, John
He Tells Of The Perfect Beauty (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
He That Loves A Rosy Cheek [video] (Hungarian) – Carew, Thomas
He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven has audio (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
He Wishes His Beloved Were Dead (Hungarian, Spanish) – Yeats, William Butler
He Wonders About Himself (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
Hearing your words and not a word among them (Sonnet XXXVI) (Hungarian) – St. Vincent Millay, Edna
Heart and Mind (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Edith
Heat [video] (Hungarian) – H. D.
Heaven – Haven (Hungarian) – Hopkins, Gerard Manley
Hedgehog [video] (Hungarian) – Muldoon, Paul
Heirloom (Hungarian) – Klein, A. M.
Helas (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
Hence, all you vain delights (Hungarian) – Fletcher, John
Henderson the Rain King (detail) (Hungarian) – Bellow, Saul
Henry's Understanding (Hungarian) – Berryman, John
Her Eyes (Hungarian) – Ransom, John Crowe
Her Husband (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Her Kind [video] (Hungarian) – Sexton, Anne
Her Triumph (Hungarian) – Jonson, Ben
Heraclitus on Rivers (Hungarian) – Mahon, Derek
Herbal (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Here (Hungarian) – Thomas, R. S.
Here Is A Writer (Hungarian) – Miller, Vassar
Here Lies a Lady (Hungarian) – Ransom, John Crowe
Here’s a bottle and an honest friend [video] (Hungarian) – Burns, Robert
Here Sleeps The Bard (Hungarian) – Moore, Thomas
Heredity (Hungarian) – Harrison, Tony
Heritage [video] (Hungarian) – Cullen, Countee
Heritage (Hungarian) – Bennett, Gwendolyn B.
Herman Melville (Hungarian) – Aiken, Conrad
Hermaphroditus (German) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
Hero And Leander (Excerpt) (Hungarian) – Marlowe, Christopher
Hero and Leander, first sestiad (detail) (Hungarian) – Marlowe, Christopher
Heroes of the Sub-Plot (Hungarian) – Williams, Hugo
Hidden Flame [video] (Hungarian) – Dryden, John
High Windows (Hungarian) – Larkin, Philip
His Dog (Hungarian) – Sweeney, Matthew
His grange, or private wealth (Hungarian) – Herrick, Robert
His Litany, To The Holy Spirit (Hungarian) – Herrick, Robert
His wisdom (Hungarian) – Breton, Nicholas
History (Hungarian) – Lowell, Robert
History (German) – Guest, Barbara
History Classes (Hungarian) – Harrison, Tony
Hitchhiker (Hungarian) – Kerouac, Jack
Hold back thy hours… (Hungarian) – Fletcher, John
Hold Hard, These Ancient Minutes In the Cuckoo's Month (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Hölderlin's Old Age (Hungarian) – Spender, Stephen
Holy Smoke (Hungarian) – Cohen, Ira
Holy Sonnet XIX. [video] (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Holy Sonnets I. [video] (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Holy Sonnets II. [video] (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Holy Sonnets III. [video] (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Holy Sonnets V. [video] (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Holy Sonnets VI. [video] (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Holy Sonnets VII. [video] (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Holy Sonnets IX. [video] (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Holy Sonnets X. [video] (Hungarian, Slovak) – Donne, John
Holy Sonnets XIV. (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Holy sonnets XI. [video] (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Holy Thursday (Hungarian) – Muldoon, Paul
Holy Thursday (1) (Hungarian) – Blake, William
Holy Thursday (2) (Hungarian) – Blake, William
Holyhead. September 25, 1727 (Hungarian) – Swift, Jonathan
Homage to Clio (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Homage to Max Jacob (German) – Padgett, Ron
Homage to Monk [video] (Hungarian) – Cohen, Ira
Homage to William Cowper (Hungarian) – Davie, Donald
Home is so Sad (Hungarian) – Larkin, Philip
Home-Thoughts, From Abroad [video] (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
Homecoming (Hungarian) – Hewett, Dorothy
Homesick Blues has audio (Hungarian) – Hughes, Langston
Horae Canonicae 1. (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Horae Canonicae 7. (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Hornpipe (Hungarian) – Day Lewis, Cecil
Hornpipe (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Edith
Hospital for Defectives (Hungarian) – Blackburn, Thomas
Hot And Cold (Hungarian) – Dahl, Roald
Houdini (Hungarian) – Mandel, Eli
Houdini’s Receipt (Hungarian) – Woods, Macdara
House Guest (Hungarian) – Bishop, Elizabeth
House, are you ready? (Hungarian) – Schwarcz Vera
Housekeeping (Hungarian) – Davie, Donald
How God Was Made (Hungarian) – Patchen, Kenneth
How I Got Through My Last Day on the Transplant List (Hungarian) – Young, Dean
How Many Paltry Things… (Hungarian) – Drayton, Michael
How Not To Die (Hungarian) – Corso, Gregory
How pleasant to know Mr. Lear (Hungarian) – Lear, Edward
How Soon Hath Time [video] (Hungarian) – Milton, John
How soon the servant sun (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
[How strange the sculptures that adorn these towers!] (Hungarian) – Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
how to be a good writer (Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
How To Kill (Hungarian) – Douglas, Keith
Howl has audio (Hungarian) – Ginsberg, Allen
Hudibras (detail) (Hungarian) – Butler, Samuel
Hugh Selwyn Mauberley has audio (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Huh? (Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
Humanity I Love You [video] (Hungarian) – Cummings, e. e.
Humpback embryo [video] (Hungarian, Slovak) – Glenday, John
Hunger Mountain (Hungarian) – Merwin, W.S.
Hurrahing in Harvest (Hungarian) – Hopkins, Gerard Manley
Hurt Hawks (Hungarian) – Jeffers, Robinson
Hush, hush, tread softly... (German) – Keats, John
Hymn I. Of Astraea (Hungarian) – Davies, Sir John
Hymn in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (Hungarian) – Crashaw, Richard
Hymn of Man (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
Hymn of the City (Hungarian) – Bryant, William Cullen
Hymn to Apollo (Hungarian) – Lyly, John
Hymn to God, my God, in my Sickness (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Hymn To Her Unknown (Hungarian) – Turner, W. J.
Hymn to Intellectual Beauty (Hungarian) – Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Hymn to St. Cecilia [video] (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Hyperion (Hungarian) – Keats, John
Hysteria has audio (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
I ^
I almost went to bed (Hungarian) – Cohen, Leonard
I Am (Hungarian) – Conkling, Hilda
I Am 25 (Hungarian) – Corso, Gregory
I Am a Book I Neither Wrote nor Read (Hungarian) – Schwartz, Delmore
I am a Parcel of Vain Strivings Tied (Hungarian) – Thoreau, H. D.
I am Raifteiri (Hungarian) – Raftery, Anthony
I Am the People, the Mob (Hungarian) – Sandburg, Carl
I Am Vertical (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
[I ask not for those thoughts, that sudden leap] (Hungarian) – Lowell, James Russell
I bended unto me (Hungarian) – Brown, Thomas Edward
i carry your heart with me (Hungarian, French, Spanish) – Cummings, e. e.
I do not love thee (Hungarian) – Norton, Caroline
[I enter, and I see thee in the gloom] (Hungarian) – Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
I felt a Funeral, in my Brain (280) (Hungarian) – Dickinson, Emily
I Find no Peace [video] (Hungarian) – Wyatt, Sir Thomas
I Had a Future (Hungarian) – Kavanagh, Patrick
I Have Not Lingered in European Monasteries (Hungarian) – Cohen, Leonard
I Hear America Singing has audio (Hungarian) – Whitman, Walt
I heard a Fly buzz -- when I died (465) (Hungarian) – Dickinson, Emily
I just can’t (Hungarian) – Morrison, Jim
"I Keep Six Honest Serving Men ..." [video] (Slovak, Hungarian) – Kipling, Rudyard
I keep wondering (Hungarian) – Conkling, Hilda
I Knew a Woman (Hungarian) – Roethke, Theodore
I Know a Man [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Creeley, Robert
I laid me down upon a bank (Hungarian) – Blake, William
I look into my glass (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
I look to the North (Hungarian) – Burns, Robert
I love lovyd (Hungarian) – Wyatt, Sir Thomas
I Love My Jean [video] (Hungarian) – Burns, Robert
I Love You with My Every Breath (Hungarian) – Plunkett, Joseph Mary
I'm Nobody! Who are you? (288) (Hungarian) – Dickinson, Emily
I Make This In A Warring Absence (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
I Meet The Famous Poet (Spanish, Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
I Murder Hate [video] (Hungarian) – Burns, Robert
I never lost as much but twice (49) (Hungarian) – Dickinson, Emily
I reason, Earth is short (301) (Hungarian, German) – Dickinson, Emily
I Remember (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
I Remember (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
I Remember Arnold (Hungarian) – Lennon, John
I Remember, I Remember has audio (Hungarian) – Larkin, Philip
I Sat Belonely [video] (Hungarian) – Lennon, John
I saw a chapel all of gold (Hungarian, Serbian) – Blake, William
I saw a man pursuing the horizon (Hungarian, Serbian) – Crane, Stephen
I saw an old-fashioned whore today (Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
I Saw the Sun at Midnight (Hungarian) – Plunkett, Joseph Mary
I See His Blood upon the Rose (Hungarian) – Plunkett, Joseph Mary
I Shall Be Released [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Dylan, Bob
I shall go back again to the bleak shore (Hungarian) – St. Vincent Millay, Edna
i sing of Olaf glad and big (Hungarian) – Cummings, e. e.
I Sit and Look Out (German) – Whitman, Walt
I taste a liquor never brewed (214) (Hungarian) – Dickinson, Emily
I Think Continually Of Those Who Were Truly Great has audio (Hungarian) – Spender, Stephen
[I think I could turn and live with animals] (Hungarian) – Whitman, Walt
I walked in a desert (Hungarian) – Crane, Stephen
I Want to Die While You Love Me (Hungarian) – Johnson, Georgia Douglas
I Was Sleeping Where the Black Oaks Move (Hungarian) – Erdrich, Louise
I Was so Full… (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
I went to Heaven (374) (Hungarian) – Dickinson, Emily
I, In My Intricate Image (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
I, too, sing America. (Hungarian) – Hughes, Langston
I. M. Margaritæ Sorori (Hungarian) – Henley, William Ernest
I.—Madhouse Cell (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
“I'll have your heart” (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
I'Ve Got A Golden Ticket (Hungarian) – Dahl, Roald
I’ve Tasted My Blood (Hungarian) – Acorn, Milton
Ianthe (detail) (Hungarian) – Landor, Walter Savage
Ice (Hungarian) – Howe, Fanny
Ice 7 (k-d 68, 69) (Hungarian) – Riddles, Anglo-Saxon
Ich bin Allein (Hungarian) – Hodgins, Philip
Idyll (Hungarian) – Johnson, Samuel
If [video] has audio (Hungarian, Slovak) – Kipling, Rudyard
If (Hungarian) – Egan, Desmond
If death is kind (Spanish) – Teasdale, Sara
If I Could Tell You (Hungarian, Slovak) – Auden, W. H.
If I feel anything stronger than this (Hungarian) – Codrescu, Andrei
If I freely may discover (Hungarian) – Jonson, Ben
If I Had Wheels or Love (Hungarian) – Miller, Vassar
If I lie down (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
If I Were Tickled by the Rub of Love [video] (Hungarian, Spanish) – Thomas, Dylan
If We Must Die (Hungarian) – McKay, Claude
If You Are Fire (Hungarian) – Rosenberg, Isaac
If You Are Old And Have The Shakes (Hungarian) – Dahl, Roald
If you can't eat you got to... (Hungarian) – Cummings, e. e.
If you're aristocratic (Hungarian) – Hamill, Gerry
II.—Madhouse Cell (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
Il Penseroso has audio (Hungarian) – Milton, John
Imitation (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Immigration (Hungarian) – Yuan, Changming
immobile cat (Hungarian) – Cummings, e. e.
Immortal Autumn (Hungarian) – MacLeish, Archibald
Immortality (Hungarian) – Arnold, Matthew
Immortality (Hungarian) – Russell, Æ George William
Impression du Matin (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
Impression du Voyage (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
Impressions (Les Silhouettes; La Fuite de la Lune) (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
Impromtu (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Improvisations on an Old Theme (Hungarian) – Livesay, Dorothy
In a Dark Time (Hungarian) – Roethke, Theodore
In a Loud Restaurant (Hungarian) – Berrigan, Ted
In a Season of Unemployment (Hungarian) – Avison, Margaret
In a Station of the Metro [video] (Hungarian, Spanish) – Pound, Ezra
In a Year (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
[In Arizona] (Hungarian) – Zukofsky, Louis
In Attica (Hungarian) – Spender, Stephen
In Broken Images (Hungarian) – Graves, Robert
In Chopin’s Garden (Hungarian) – Davie, Donald
In Church (Hungarian) – Thomas, R. S.
In Country Heaven (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
In Distrust of Merits (Hungarian) – Moore, Marianne
In Goya’s Greatest Scenes We Seem to See... (Hungarian) – Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
In Harbor (Hungarian) – Williams, William Carlos
In Her Praise (Hungarian) – Graves, Robert
In Honour of the City of London (Hungarian) – Dunbar, William
In hospital: Poona (Hungarian) – Lewis, Alun
in just- (Hungarian) – Cummings, e. e.
In Limbo (Hungarian) – Wilbur, Richard
In memoriam (Hungarian) – Longley, Michael
In Memoriam A.H.H. (Slovak) – Tennyson, Alfred Lord
In Memory of Ernst Toller (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
In Memory of My Mother (I do not think) [video] (Hungarian) – Kavanagh, Patrick
In Memory of My Mother (You will have) (Hungarian) – Kavanagh, Patrick
In Memory of Sigmund Freud [video] (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
In Memory of W. B. Yeats has audio (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
In Monument Valley (Hungarian) – Merrill, James
In My Craft or Sullen Art [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
In paradise (Hungarian) – Pickard, Tom
In Plato's Cave (Hungarian) – Raine, Kathleen
In Praise of Bridges (Hungarian) – Bryan, Tom
In Praise of His Loving and Best-Beloved Fawnia (Hungarian) – Greene, Robert
In Praise Of Limestone has audio (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
In Santa Maria del Popolo (Hungarian) – Gunn, Thom
In Tenebris – II (detail) (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
In the beginning (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
In the children's hospital (Hungarian) – MacDiarmid, Hugh
In The Cool Of The Evening (Hungarian) – Stephens, James
In the desert [video] (Hungarian) – Crane, Stephen
In the dust has audio (Hungarian) – Sweeney, Matthew
In the Elegy Season (Hungarian) – Wilbur, Richard
In the forest (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
In The Gold Room (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
In the Lost Province (Hungarian) – Paulin, Tom
In the Matter of Two Men (Hungarian) – Corrothers, James D.
In the Naked Bed, in Plato’s Cave (Hungarian) – Schwartz, Delmore
In the night desert (Hungarian) – Stafford, William
In the Restaurant (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
In the Room of the Bride-Elect (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
In the shelter (Hungarian) – Day Lewis, Cecil
in the time of apples (Slovak) – Jewell, David
In the Train (Hungarian) – Thomson, James
In the Ward has audio (Hungarian) – Tomlinson, Charles
In the White Giant's Thigh [video] (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
In the Wood of Finvara (Hungarian) – Symons, Arthur
In Three Days (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
In time like glass (Hungarian) – Turner, W. J.
In Time of „The Breaking of the Nations” (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
In Time of War (details) (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
In Westminster Abbey [video] (Hungarian) – Betjeman, John
In Winter has audio (Hungarian) – Carroll, Lewis
In Youth is Pleasure (Hungarian) – Wever, Robert
In a Gondola (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
Incarnation (Hungarian) – Rexroth, Kenneth
Incident [video] (Hungarian) – Cullen, Countee
Incidents In The Life Of My Uncle Arly (Hungarian) – Lear, Edward
Indian Camp (Hungarian) – Hemingway, Ernest
Infant Sorrow [video] (Hungarian) – Blake, William
Ingmar Bergman’s Seventh Seal (Hungarian) – Duncan, Robert
Inscribed to a dear Child: in memory of golden summer hours and whispers of a summer sea (Hungarian) – Carroll, Lewis
Insensibility (Hungarian) – Owen, Wilfred
Insomnia (Hungarian) – Hodgins, Philip
Intervals in a Busy Life (Hungarian) – Davie, Donald
Introduction to Poetry [video] (Hungarian) – Collins, Billy
Invasion on the Farm (Hungarian) – Thomas, R. S.
Inverse Ballad (Hungarian) – Murray, Les A.
Invictus [video] (Hungarian) – Henley, William Ernest
Invitation To Miss Marianne Moore (Hungarian) – Bishop, Elizabeth
Invocation (Hungarian) – Johnson, Helene
Invocation to the Social Muse (Hungarian) – MacLeish, Archibald
Ione, Dead the Long Year (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Ireland (Hungarian) – Ryan, Richard
Ireland (Hungarian) – Muldoon, Paul
Ireland and King James (Hungarian) – Irish Minstrelsy
Ireland, 1972 (Hungarian) – Durcan, Paul
Iron John (detail) (Hungarian) – Bly, Robert
Iron thoughts sail out at evening (Spanish) – Lowry, Malcolm
Is It Because I Am Black? (Hungarian) – Cotter, Jr. Joseph Seamon
Is/Not (Hungarian) – Atwood, Margaret
Islands (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Islands (Hungarian) – Walcott, Derek
Israfel (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
It Ain't Me Babe [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Dylan, Bob
It is Dangerous to Read Newspapers [video] (Hungarian) – Atwood, Margaret
It is the Hour [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Byron, George
It might be lonelier (405) (Hungarian) – Dickinson, Emily
It Must Change VII (Hungarian) – Stevens, Wallace
it really must be Nice... (Hungarian) – Cummings, e. e.
It sifts from Leaden Sieves (311) (Hungarian) – Dickinson, Emily
It was a beauty that I saw (Hungarian) – Jonson, Ben
"It Will Not Change" (Hungarian, Serbian) – Teasdale, Sara
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue has audio (Hungarian) – Dylan, Bob
It's No Use Raising A Shout (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Italia, Io Ti Saluto! (Hungarian) – Rossetti, Christina Georgina
Itylus (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
Ivanhoe (detail) (Hungarian) – Scott, Walter
J ^
Jabberwocky [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Carroll, Lewis
Jacklight (Hungarian) – Erdrich, Louise
James Kirkup's Haiku (details) (Hungarian) – Kirkup, James
James Lee’s Wife (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
Jane Eyre (French) – Brontë, Charlotte
Janitor Working on Threshold (Hungarian) – Avison, Margaret
Jazzonia [video] (Hungarian) – Hughes, Langston
Jersey rain (Hungarian) – Pinsky, Robert
Jerusalem [video] (Hungarian) – Blake, William
Jerusalem (Hungarian) – Hart, Kevin
Job's Luck (German) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
John and Jane (Hungarian, French) – Hardy, Thomas
John Barleycorn (Hungarian) – Burns, Robert
John Kinsella's Lament for Mrs Mary Moore (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
John Muir on Mt. Ritter (Hungarian) – Snyder, Gary
John Anderson, My Jo (Hungarian, English) – Burns, Robert
Jolly Good Ale and Old (Hungarian) – Stevenson, William
Jordan (I) (Hungarian) – Herbert, George
Josef Weinheber (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Journey To Iceland (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Judith Of Bethulia (Hungarian) – Ransom, John Crowe
Juggler (Hungarian) – Wilbur, Richard
Juke Box Love Song (Hungarian) – Hughes, Langston
Julius Caesar (Detail) (Hungarian, French) – Shakespeare, William
July Man (Hungarian) – Avison, Margaret
July's People (detail) (Hungarian) – Gordimer, Nadine
June (Hungarian) – Ledwidge, Francis
June fugue (Hungarian) – Shapcott, Thomas
Junk (Hungarian) – Wilbur, Richard
Just Another Day (Hungarian) – Williams, Hugo
Just Before April Came (Hungarian) – Sandburg, Carl
Just Before the War with the Eskimos (Hungarian) – Salinger, J. D.
Just Like A Woman [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Dylan, Bob
Just The Same (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
Juvenal's Prayer (Hungarian) – Lowell, Robert
K ^
L ^
L'Art, 1910 (Spanish, Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
L'Après-midi d'un Faune (Hungarian) – Faulkner, William
L'Envoi (Hungarian) – Kipling, Rudyard
L'Etoile (Hungarian) – Wilbur, Richard
L’Allegro has audio (Hungarian) – Milton, John
l(a (Hungarian) – Cummings, e. e.
La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
La Figlia Che Piange has audio (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
La Gioconda (Hungarian) – Field, Michael
La Mer (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
La Preface (Hungarian) – Olson, Charles
La Pucelle* (Hungarian) – Plunkett, Joseph Mary
La Belle Dame Sans Merci (Hungarian, German, Serbian) – Keats, John
Lady 'Rogue' Singleton (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Laguna Blues (Hungarian) – Wright, Charles
Laguna Dantesca (Hungarian) – Wright, Charles
Lak of Stedfastnesse (Hungarian) – Chaucer, Geoffrey
Lakeshore (Hungarian) – Scott, F. R.
Lament (Hungarian) – Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson
Lament has audio (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Lament For A Proprietor (Hungarian) – Porter, Peter
Lament for the Makers (Hungarian) – Dunbar, William
Lament for Thomas McDonagh has audio (Hungarian) – Ledwidge, Francis
Lampoon {On the Women About Town} (Hungarian) – Wilmot, John, Earl of Rochester
Landcrab II (Hungarian) – Atwood, Margaret
Landscape As A Nude (Hungarian) – MacLeish, Archibald
Landscape with Figures (Hungarian) – Douglas, Keith
Landscape with flying man (Hungarian, Slovak) – Glenday, John
Landscapes (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Lapis Lazuli (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
Larry M'Hale (Hungarian) – Lever, Charles James
Last Days Of Alice (Hungarian) – Tate, Allen
Last moment (Hungarian) – Morrison, Jim
Last night (Hungarian) – Ignatow, David
Last Night I Dived my beggar arm (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Last Poems (XXXV) (Hungarian) – Housman, A. E.
Last Verses (Spanish) – Chatterton, Thomas
Last Words (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Late arrival (Hungarian) – Simic, Charles
Late at Night (Hungarian) – Stafford, William
Late Echo (Hungarian) – Ashbery, John
Latin Hymn (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Laugh and be Merry (Hungarian) – Masefield, John
Laundry (Czech) – Cohen, Leonard
Laurentian Shield (Hungarian) – Scott, F. R.
Law, Like Love [video] (Spanish, Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Lay a Garland on My Hearse (Hungarian) – Fletcher, John
Lay Your Sleeping Head, My Love (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Le Désert de l’Amour (Hungarian, Spanish) – Smith, Stevie
Le Monocle de Mon Oncle XI (Hungarian) – Stevens, Wallace
Le Panneau (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
Le Reveillon (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
Leap Before You Look [video] (Spanish) – Auden, W. H.
Lear (Hungarian) – Williams, William Carlos
Leave me, O love (Hungarian) – Sidney, Philip
Leaves of Grass' Purport (Hungarian) – Whitman, Walt
Leaving Early has audio (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Leda and the Swan has audio (Hungarian, Serbian) – Yeats, William Butler
Legacy (Hungarian) – Egan, Desmond
Legend of the Glaive (detail) (Hungarian) – Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan
Leisure [video] (Hungarian) – Davies, William Henry
Lenore (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Lepanto [video] (Hungarian) – Chesterton, Gilbert Keith
Les Ballons (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
Les Étiquettes Jaunes (Hungarian) – O'Hara, Frank
Les Silhouettes (Hungarian) – Wilde, Oscar
Les Sylphides (Hungarian) – MacNeice, Louis
Let it Snow has audio (Hungarian) – Howe, Fanny
Let me not hate (Hungarian) – Johnson, Georgia Douglas
Let no charitable hope (Hungarian) – Wylie, Elinor
Let There Be Translators! (Hungarian) – Schulman, Grace
Let Us Have Madness (Hungarian) – Patchen, Kenneth
Lethe (Hungarian) – H. D.
Letter (Hungarian) – Cohen, Leonard
Letters (Hungarian) – Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Letters from Amherst has audio (Hungarian) – Tomlinson, Charles
Letters to Live Poets (XII) (Hungarian) – Beaver, Bruce
Liberty (Hungarian) – Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Life after Death (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Life in death (Hungarian) – Hopkins, Ellice
Life in Post-Socratic Biolog (Hungarian) – Alexander, Will
Life? (Hungarian) – Galsworthy, John
Life in a Love (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
Lift up your face (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Light and shadow (Hungarian) – MacDiarmid, Hugh
Light breaks where no sun shines [video] (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Light, I know, treads the ten million stars (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Like A Rolling Stone [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Dylan, Bob
Like Adam has audio (Hungarian) – Goodman, Paul
Like an Old Proud King in a Parable (Hungarian) – Smith, A. J. M.
Like Barley Bending [video] (Hungarian, Serbian) – Teasdale, Sara
Like Snow (Hungarian) – Graves, Robert
Limbo (Hungarian) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Limbo Culture (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Limeraiku (Hungarian) – Pauker, Ted
Limerick (Hungarian) – Kipling, Rudyard
Limerick (Hungarian) – Russell, Bertrand
Limerick (Hungarian) – Thornton, R. K. R.
Limerick (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Limerick (Hungarian) – Sharpless, Stanley J.
Limerick (Ich Dien) (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Limerick (Lady Gregory) (Hungarian) – Joyce, James
Limerick (Newcastle) (Hungarian) – Melican, Terence
Limerick (Rosetti) (Hungarian) – Rossetti, Dante Gabriel
Limerick (T. S. Eliot) (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Limericks (Hungarian) – Lear, Edward
Lineage (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Wordsworth, William
Lines for an Internment (Hungarian) – MacLeish, Archibald
Lines for an Old Man (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Lines Indited With All The Depravity Of Poverty (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
Lines on Ale (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Lines on the Mermaid Tavern (Hungarian) – Keats, John
Lines Supposed To Have Been Addressed To Fanny Brawne (Hungarian) – Keats, John
Lines to my Grandfathers (Hungarian) – Harrison, Tony
Lines Written During The Castlereagh Administration (Hungarian) – Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Lines Written In Dejection (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
Little Fugue (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Little Johnny’s Confession (Hungarian) – Patten, Brian
Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf (Hungarian) – Dahl, Roald
Little Snail (Hungarian) – Conkling, Hilda
Little Words (Hungarian) – Parker, Dorothy
Liu Ch'e (Hungarian) – Pound, Ezra
Lives of Girls and Women (detail) (Hungarian) – Munro, Alice
Lives of the Deep Sea Divers (Hungarian) – Young, Dean
Living Hell [video] has audio (Hungarian) – The Tiger Lillies
Lizie Wan (Hungarian) – English and Scottish Popular Ballads
Lo! A Child is Born (Hungarian) – MacDiarmid, Hugh
Loch Torridon (detail) (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
Locked Door (Hungarian) – Sirowitz, Hal
Locked doors (Hungarian) – Sexton, Anne
London [video] (Hungarian) – Blake, William
London 1802 [video] (Hungarian) – Wordsworth, William
London Snow [video] (Hungarian) – Bridges, Robert
Long Distance has audio (Hungarian) – Harrison, Tony
Longing [video] (Czech) – Arnold, Matthew
Look, Stranger (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Looking At Some Flowers (Hungarian) – Bly, Robert
Looking for a Sunset Bird in Winter (Hungarian) – Frost, Robert
Lookout: Mount Royal (Hungarian) – Klein, A. M.
Lord Lundy (Hungarian) – Belloc, Hilaire
Lord otf the flies (detail) (Hungarian) – Golding, William
Lorelei (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Lorenzo de’ Medici to his Last Autumn (Hungarian) – Lee-Hamilton, Eugene
Losing Track of Language (Hungarian) – Clampitt, Amy
Lost Love (Hungarian) – Graves, Robert
Love (Hungarian) – Herbert, George
Love (Hungarian) – Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Love After Love has audio (Hungarian) – Walcott, Derek
Love Among the Ruins (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
Love and friendship [video] (Slovak, Czech, Hungarian) – Brontë, Emily
Love and Life (Hungarian) – Wilmot, John, Earl of Rochester
Love Calls Us to the Things of This World [video] (Hungarian) – Wilbur, Richard
Love in Barrenness (Hungarian) – Graves, Robert
Love In the Asylum [video] (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Love is a Sickness (Hungarian) – Daniel, Samuel
Love is enough [video] (Hungarian) – Morris, William
Love Is Not All (Hungarian) – St. Vincent Millay, Edna
Love is... (Hungarian) – Henri, Adrian
Love Me! (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Love Minus Zero, No Limit [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Dylan, Bob
Love on the Farm (Hungarian) – Lawrence, D. H.
Love Song out of Nothing (Hungarian) – Miller, Vassar
Love The Wild Swan (Hungarian) – Jeffers, Robinson
Love´s secret [video] (Slovak) – Blake, William
Love, We Must Part Now (Hungarian) – Larkin, Philip
Love's Philosophy (Hungarian) – Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Love in a Life (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
Lovers (Hungarian) – Cohen, Leonard
Loves growth (Hungarian) – Donne, John
Low-Anchored Cloud (Hungarian) – Thoreau, H. D.
Luca Signorelli to his son (Hungarian) – Lee-Hamilton, Eugene
Lucifer in Starlight has audio (Hungarian) – Meredith, George
Lucina Schynning in Silence of the Night (Hungarian) – Chuilleanáin, Eiléan Ní
Lucy (Hungarian) – Wordsworth, William
Lucy Gray [or Solitude] (Hungarian) – Wordsworth, William
Lullaby (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Lullaby (Hungarian) – Glück, Louise
Lullaby (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Edith
Lullay, lullay (Hungarian) – Skelton, John
Lycidas (Hungarian) – Milton, John
Lying (Hungarian) – Hirshfield, Jane
Lyric (Hungarian) – Raine, Kathleen
M ^
Ma (Hungarian) – Muldoon, Paul
Mac Cabe’s elegy on the death of Carolan (Hungarian) – Irish Minstrelsy
Mac Flecknoe (Hungarian) – Dryden, John
Macavity - The Mystery Cat [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Macaw and Little Miss (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Mad Judy [video] (Hungarian) – Hardy, Thomas
Madman’s song (Hungarian) – Webster, John
Madonna Mia (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
Madrigal CCXLVI (Hungarian) – Bateson, Thomas
Maesia's Song (Hungarian) – Greene, Robert
Magical Dangers (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Magna Est Veritas (Hungarian) – Patmore, Coventry
Magnetic Mountain (detail) (Hungarian) – Day Lewis, Cecil
Magryme (Hungarian) – Dunbar, William
Making a Love Poem (Hungarian) – Laughlin, James
Making the Move (Hungarian) – Muldoon, Paul
Malacoda (Hungarian, Spanish) – Beckett, Samuel
Malvern Hill (Hungarian) – Melville, Herman
Man (Hungarian) – Vaughan, Henry
Man Lying on a Wall [video] (Hungarian) – Longley, Michael
Man, dreame no more of curious mysteries (Hungarian) – Greville, Sir Fulke
Mandalay [video] (Hungarian) – Kipling, Rudyard
Manhood (Hungarian) – Thoreau, H. D.
Manuscript Found in a Bottle [video] (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
Many red devils (Hungarian) – Crane, Stephen
Maple and Sumach (Hungarian) – Day Lewis, Cecil
March Field (Hungarian) – Scott, F. R.
March Horses (Hungarian) – Pickard, Tom
Margin Prayer from an Ancient Psalter (detail) (Hungarian) – Duhig, Ian
Marginalia [video] (Hungarian) – Collins, Billy
Marina has audio (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Marina (Hungarian) – Glück, Louise
Marine (Hungarian) – Smith, William Jay
Marine Surface, Low Overcast (Italian) – Clampitt, Amy
Marmion – Canto Fifth (detail) [video] (Hungarian) – Scott, Walter
Marriage (Hungarian) – Corso, Gregory
Marriage (Hungarian) – Shapcott, Thomas
Martial Cadenza (Hungarian) – Stevens, Wallace
Mary Hamilton (Hungarian) – English and Scottish Popular Ballads
Mary Poppins (Excerpt) (Hungarian) – Travers, Pamela Lyndon
Mary's Song (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Masters (Hungarian) – Amis, Kingsley
Maud (Part I, detail) (Hungarian) – Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Maud (Part II, detail) (Hungarian) – Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Maud Muller (Hungarian) – Whittier, John Greenleaf
Maximus to Gloucester, Letter 27 [withheld] [video] (Hungarian) – Olson, Charles
May Janet (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
May Our Right Hands Lose Their Cunning (Hungarian) – Levertov, Denise
May-June, 1940 (Hungarian) – Jeffers, Robinson
Me (Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
Me (Hungarian) – Henri, Adrian
Meadow Lane Riffs, Edinburgh, jazzpoem (Hungarian) – Green, Stephanie
Mediocrity in love rejected (Hungarian) – Carew, Thomas
Meditatio (Hungarian, Spanish) – Pound, Ezra
Meditation (Hungarian) – Yahia Lababidi
Meditation 8 (Hungarian) – Pain, Philip
Meditation 10 (Hungarian) – Pain, Philip
Meditation 29 (Hungarian) – Pain, Philip
Meditations in time of Civil War (detail) (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
Medusa (Hungarian) – Crane, Hart
Meeting (Hungarian) – Day Lewis, Cecil
Meeting at Night (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
Meeting the British (Hungarian) – Muldoon, Paul
Meeting-House Hill (Hungarian) – Lowell, Amy
Meg Merrilies (Hungarian) – Keats, John
MEIOSIS (Hungarian) – Schwarcz Vera
Melancholy (Hungarian) – Lodge, Thomas
Memoirs of a Protestant Girlhood (detail) (Hungarian) – Hewett, Dorothy
Memorial (detail) [video] (Hungarian) – Oswald, Alice
Memorial Rain* (Hungarian) – MacLeish, Archibald
Memories of West Street and Lepke [video] (Hungarian) – Lowell, Robert
Memory (Hungarian) – Rossetti, Dante Gabriel
Memory green (Hungarian) – MacLeish, Archibald
Men improve with the Years (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
Men Loved Wholly Beyond Wisdom (Hungarian) – Bogan, Louise
Men of Terry Street (Hungarian) – Dunn, Douglas
Mending Wall [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Frost, Robert
Menelaus and Helen (Hungarian) – Brooke, Rupert
Mentors (Hungarian) – Brooks, Gwendolyn
Mercian Hymns (Excerpts) (Hungarian) – Hill, Geoffrey
Merciless Beauty (Hungarian) – Chaucer, Geoffrey
Meridian (Italian) – Clampitt, Amy
'Merry Inn' Song (Hungarian) – Tolkien, J.R.R.
Merry-Go-Round (Hungarian) – Hughes, Langston
Message (Hungarian) – Ginsberg, Allen
Messmates (Hungarian) – Newbolt, Sir Henry
Metamorphosis (Hungarian) – Stevens, Wallace
Mexican Quarter (Hungarian) – Fletcher, John Gould
Mexico City Blues (113th Chorus) [video] (Hungarian) – Kerouac, Jack
Mexico City Blues (127th Chorus) (Hungarian) – Kerouac, Jack
Mexico City Blues (211th Chorus) [video] (Hungarian) – Kerouac, Jack
Mezzo Cammin (Hungarian) – Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Mid-winter waking (Hungarian) – Graves, Robert
Midland (Hungarian) – Egan, Desmond
midnight (Hungarian) – Shipton, Jonathan
Midnight (German) – Waterfield, John
Midnight Carries Me South Along Illusion Avenue (Hungarian) – Coleman, Wanda
Midsummer (Hungarian) – Kinsella, Thomas
Midsummer (Hungarian) – Mahon, Derek
Midsummer, Tobago (Hungarian, Serbian) – Walcott, Derek
Midwest (Hungarian) – Nims, John Frederick
Migrating (Hungarian) – Yuan, Changming
Milk (Hungarian) – Hodgins, Philip
Milk For The Cat (Hungarian) – Monro, Harold
Mind (Hungarian) – Wilbur, Richard
Miners (Hungarian) – Wright, James
Miniver Cheevy (Hungarian) – Robinson, Edwin Arlington
Minotaur Poems II (Hungarian) – Mandel, Eli
Mirror in February (Hungarian) – Kinsella, Thomas
Miss Gee has audio (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Miss T. (Hungarian) – Mare, Walter de la
Missing My Daughter (Hungarian) – Spender, Stephen
Mississippi (Hungarian) – Dove, Rita
Mistral Over the Graves (Hungarian) – MacLeish, Archibald
Modern Love (Hungarian) – Keats, John
Modigliani’s Death Mask (Hungarian) – Updike, John
Moles (Hungarian) – Oliver, Mary
Moly (Hungarian) – Gunn, Thom
Moment Fugue (Hungarian) – Crane, Hart
Monday in B-Flat [video] (Hungarian) – Baraka, Amiri (LeRoi Jones)
Monet Refuses the Operation has audio (Hungarian) – Mueller, Lisel
Money (Hungarian) – Gioia, Michael
Mongolian Idiot (Hungarian) – Shapiro, Karl
Monologue of Hamlet (Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Esperanto, French) – Shakespeare, William
Monsters I've met (Hungarian) – Silverstein, Shel
Montana (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Moon Compasses (Italian) – Frost, Robert
Moonlit Apples (Hungarian) – Drinkwater, John
Moonset, Gloucester, December 1, 1957, 1:58 Am (Hungarian) – Olson, Charles
More Foreign Cities has audio (Hungarian) – Tomlinson, Charles
More Lipstick (Hungarian) – Sirowitz, Hal
Morning (Hungarian) – Williams, William Carlos
Morning at Arnhem (Hungarian) – Smith, William Jay
Morning at the Window (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Morning Person (Hungarian) – Miller, Vassar
Morning Prayer (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
Mort de A. D. (French, Hungarian) – Beckett, Samuel
Mortal Combat (Hungarian) – Padgett, Ron
Mossbawn I. Sunlight (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Mossbawn II. The Seed Cutters (Hungarian) – Heaney, Seamus
Most Lovely Shade (Hungarian) – Sitwell, Edith
mother the wardrobe is full of infantrymen (Hungarian) – McGough, Roger
Mother, Among the Dustbins [video] (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
Mother, Summer, I (Hungarian) – Larkin, Philip
Mother's Voice has audio (Hungarian) – Creeley, Robert
Mount Royal (Hungarian) – Scott, F. R.
Mountain lion (Hungarian) – Lawrence, D. H.
Mountain Talk (Hungarian) – Ammons, A. R.
Mountains (Hungarian) – Hughes, Ted
Mouse's Nest (Hungarian) – Clare, John
Mozart (Hungarian) – Heath-Stubbs, John
Mr Punch Looks Good in Black (Hungarian) – Harsent, David
Mr. and Mrs. Discobbolos (Hungarian) – Lear, Edward
Mr. and Mrs. Spikky Sparrow [video] (Hungarian) – Lear, Edward
Mr. Apollinax (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Mr. Eliot's Sunday Morning Service (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Mr. Flood's Party (Hungarian) – Robinson, Edwin Arlington
Mr. Grumpledump's Song (Hungarian) – Silverstein, Shel
Mr. Mine (Hungarian) – Sexton, Anne
Mr. Mistoffelees [video] (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Mr. Placid’s flirtation (Hungarian) – Locker-Lampson, Frederick
Mr. Smith (Hungarian) – Smith, William Jay
Mr. Tambourine Man [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Dylan, Bob
Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Murder in the Catedral, Part I (detail) (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Murder in the Cathedral (details) (Hungarian) – Eliot, T. S.
Musée des Beaux Arts (Hungarian, Spanish, German) – Auden, W. H.
Mushrooms (Hungarian) – Oliver, Mary
mushrooms (Hungarian) – Shipton, Jonathan
Music of Colours: The Blossom Scattered (Hungarian) – Watkins, Vernon
Mutability has audio (Hungarian) – Wordsworth, William
My Bed is a Boat (Hungarian) – Stevenson, Robert Louis
My Bonie Mary [video] (Hungarian) – Burns, Robert
My Cats (Hungarian) – Smith, Stevie
My Day Among the Cannonballs (Hungarian) – Morgan, Edwin
My Days Among the Dead are Passed (Hungarian) – Southey, Robert
My dead goldfish (Hungarian) – Sirowitz, Hal
My Delight and Thy Delight (Hungarian) – Bridges, Robert
My dreams are of a field afar (Hungarian) – Housman, A. E.
MY EARLY LIFE /excerpt from the book/ (Hungarian) – Churchill, Winston
My Epitaph (Hungarian) – Gray, David
My Erotic Double [video] (Hungarian, Spanish) – Ashbery, John
My fair, look from those turrets… (Hungarian) – Drayton, Michael
My Familly and other Animals (Detail) (Hungarian) – Durrell, Gerald
My Father (Hungarian) – Drennan, William
My Father (Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
My Father Was a Farmer (Hungarian) – Burns, Robert
My First Villanelle (Hungarian) – Ridland, John
My Galley (Hungarian) – Wyatt, Sir Thomas
My grandmother’s love letters [video] (Hungarian) – Crane, Hart
My Granny (Hungarian) – Adamson, Robert
My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold [video] has audio (Hungarian) – Wordsworth, William
My house (Hungarian) – Adamson, Robert
My lady can sleep from (Hungarian) – Cohen, Leonard
My Last Afternoon With Uncle Devereux Winslow (Hungarian) – Lowell, Robert
My Last Duchess (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
My life has been the poem (Hungarian) – Thoreau, H. D.
My life is like the summer rose (Hungarian) – Wilde, Richard Henry
My madness (Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
My Midnight Meditation (Hungarian) – King, Henry
My Mind to me a Kingdom is [video] (Hungarian) – Dyer, Edward
My Mother Would Be a Falconress (Hungarian) – Duncan, Robert
My Mother’s Favourite Flower (Hungarian, Slovak) – Glenday, John
My Name is Red (detail) (Hungarian) – Pamuk, Orhan
My Parents kept me from children who were rough has audio (Hungarian) – Spender, Stephen
My People (Hungarian) – Hughes, Langston
My Picture Left in Scotland (Hungarian) – Jonson, Ben
My Pretty Rose Tree (Hungarian) – Blake, William
My Religion (Hungarian) – Carson, Anne
My Sad Captains (Hungarian) – Gunn, Thom
My Strip Club (Hungarian) – Duhamel, Denise
My Summer of Love (detail) (Hungarian) – Cross, Helen
my sweet old etcetera [video] (Hungarian) – Cummings, e. e.
My Teacher Wasn'T Half As Nice As Yours Seems To Be (Hungarian) – Dahl, Roald
My Wicked Uncle (Hungarian) – Mahon, Derek
My Zoootch (Hungarian) – Silverstein, Shel
Mysterious Star (Hungarian) – Poe, Edgar Allan
N ^
Naked (Hungarian, Slovak) – Sweeney, Matthew
Naked puppets heaven (Hungarian) – Estuary, Mark A.
Nantucket (Hungarian) – Williams, William Carlos
Napoleon (Hungarian) – Mare, Walter de la
Nathicana [video] (Hungarian) – Lovecraft, H. P.
Natural / Unnatural (Hungarian) – Avison, Margaret
Nature (Hungarian) – Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Neanderthal funeral (Hungarian) – Mooney, Martin
Near the mountains (Hungarian) – Bruchac, Joseph
Near the school for handicapped children (Hungarian) – Shapcott, Thomas
Nearly summer, and the devil (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Needing the Sea (Hungarian) – Egan, Desmond
Negro (Hungarian) – Hughes, Langston
Nemesis [video] (Hungarian) – Lovecraft, H. P.
Nemesis (Hungarian) – Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Nephelidia [video] (Hungarian) – Swinburne, Charles Algernon
Neuer weather-beaten Saile more willing bent to shore [video] (Hungarian) – Campion, Thomas
Never Again Would Bird's Song Be the Same (Hungarian) – Frost, Robert
Never the Time and the Place (Hungarian) – Browning, Robert
New Coat, Last Chance (Hungarian) – Williams, Hugo
New Readings (Hungarian) – Hopkins, Gerard Manley
New Year’s Day (Hungarian) – Lowell, Robert
Newcomer (Hungarian) – Okigbo, Christopher
News (Hungarian) – Traherne, Thomas
News (Hungarian) – Bowering, George
Newsreel: Man and Firing Squad (Hungarian) – Atwood, Margaret
next to of course god america (Hungarian) – Cummings, e. e.
Next, Please [video] (Hungarian) – Larkin, Philip
Nick And The Candlestick has audio (Hungarian) – Plath, Sylvia
Night (German) – Tranter, John
Night clouds (German) – Lowell, Amy
Night Journey [video] (Hungarian) – Roethke, Theodore
Night Picnic (Hungarian) – Simic, Charles
Night Sky (Hungarian) – Erdrich, Louise
Night Song (Hungarian) – Mueller, Lisel
Night Vigil for Gregorio Nunzio Corso (Hungarian) – Cohen, Ira
Nightingales (Hungarian) – Bridges, Robert
Nightmare (Hungarian) – Galsworthy, John
Nightsong: City (Hungarian) – Brutus, Dennis
Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen (detail) (Hungarian) – Yeats, William Butler
Nineteen Thirty-Eight (Hungarian) – Simic, Charles
No Company But Fear (Spanish) – Lowry, Malcolm
No Doctor's Today, Thank You (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
No Images (Hungarian) – Cuney, Waring
No man believes (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
No Possum, No Sop, No Taters (Hungarian) – Stevens, Wallace
no return address (Italian, Hungarian) – Bukowski, Charles
No Speech from the Scaffold (Hungarian) – Gunn, Thom
No Sugar has audio (Hungarian, Slovak) – Sweeney, Matthew
No time to stop and think [video] has audio (Spanish, Hungarian) – Lowry, Malcolm
Nocturne (Spanish) – Lowry, Malcolm
Nocturne (German) – Auden, W. H.
Nocturne (Hungarian) – Amis, Kingsley
Nocturne of the Wharves (Hungarian) – Bontemps, Arna
Non sum qualis eram bonae sub regno Cynarae (Hungarian) – Dowson, Ernest
Non-Commitment (Hungarian) – Achebe, Chinua
Nondum (Hungarian) – Hopkins, Gerard Manley
Nones (Hungarian) – Berryman, John
Nonstop Jetflight to Halifax (Hungarian) – Johnston, George
Noretorp, Noretsyh (Hungarian) – Rexroth, Kenneth
Not as much (Hungarian) – Howe, Fanny
Not forever shall the Lord of the red hail (Hungarian) – Thomas, Dylan
Not Ideas About the Thing But the Thing Itself (Hungarian) – Stevens, Wallace
Not my best side (Spanish) – Fanthorpe, U. A.
[not only do I ponder] (Hungarian) – Beck, Julian
Not tonight (Hungarian) – Sirowitz, Hal
Not Waving But Drowning [video] has audio (Hungarian, Spanish) – Smith, Stevie
Note on intellectuals (Hungarian) – Auden, W. H.
Notes after Blacking Out (Hungarian) – Corso, Gregory
Notes for the New Wilderness (detail) (Hungarian) – Rothenberg, Jerome
Nothing (Hungarian) – Fenton, James
Nothing Elegant (Hungarian) – Stein, Gertrude
Nothing makes me sicker (Hungarian) – Nash, Ogden
Nothing to Be Said (Hungarian) – Larkin, Philip
Noust (Hungarian, Slovak) – Glenday, John
November (Hungarian) – Bryant, William Cullen
Now Read On [video] (Hungarian, Slovak) – Glenday, John
[Now she is like the white tree-rose] (Hungarian) – Day Lewis, Cecil
Now That I Hear Trains (Hungarian) – Williams, Hugo
Now the Lusty Spring (Hungarian) – Fletcher, John
Now Winter Nights Enlarge (Hungarian) – Campion, Thomas
Nursery Tale (Hungarian) – Larkin, Philip
O ^